Who Writes For This Site?


Greetings fellow bloggers! My name is Jennifer Munoz. Resident nerdy-girl whose still waiting for her madman in the blue box as well as a decent Star Wars sequel.

I’m an otaku (anime fan) and a lover of Japanese culture. I love video games, comic books and manga, horror movies and sci-fi/fantasy television. I’m a Whovian (Doctor Who fan) as well as a Sherlockian (fan of BBC’s Sherlock), with a minor in Trekkie. Basically, I have an interest in the general fandoms circulating the web today. Oh! I’m also what you would call a zombie enthusiant. If it involves the undead, I love it!

I’m relatively new to the world of blogging, but if you can get used to my witty commentary on pop culture and the all-around realm of nerd, then I think we’ll get along fine. Hope to hear from you in the future.


From a young age, Amy has always been interested in all that is geeky. Starting out with Star Wars, Star Trek and the Legend of Zelda. As she has grown older, her interests in Geekdom have expanded, now covering with a lot of different fandoms she follows, including: Mass Effect, Lord of the Rings, and Poke’mon, and many, many, MANY more.

Her past times include spending countless hours playing video games or watching movies, painting/sketching fanart from several diffrent fandoms, and writting.


My name is Michael Zack. Pleasure to meet you. I love traditional nerd culture. I dig video games, comic books, roleplaying games, movies, and television shows. I’m a Trekkie, not a Trekker (points to you if you can tell the difference). I was first in line for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I waited in line for many of the Harry Potter books (I discovered them after the 3rd book came out).

I always wanted to do a blog on it all: video games, movies, comic books, etc. I have a lot to share, so thanks for taking the time to read through it all.


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