Video Game Sales Data

8th Generation Console Sales 7th Generation Console Sales

The new video game console war is starting to heat up between the big three: Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. We here at Press Start To Begin want to provide information on how the console sales are doing so we can better understand the state of the video game industry.  The data so far is very suggestive that the “winner” of the 8th Generation console war is not picked yet.

1/14/2014: Sony is dominating with the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3, outselling all the competition. The Xbox One took a respectable 3rd place in sales. The Xbox 360 outsold the Wii-U, though both consoles were over 100,000 units sold. Nintendo captured first place overall with the 3DS, selling nearly twice as many units as Sony did with the PS-4.

1/25/2014: The Playstation 4 outsold every other console for the week (187,997)  of January 11th, beating even the 3DS by over 16,000 units (171,784)! It’s unknown how much of an accomplishment this is though, as video game console sales fell by over 50% across almost all platforms. The Xbox One came in third, but really was outsold by the PS4 and 3DS (106,010). It did manage to sell twice as many units as the WiiU, however (53,040).

We would like to especially think VGChartz for providing us with this information.


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