Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I love the Ace Attorney series.


It’s weird. You see, I tend to HATE anime style artwork and all the tropes that goes along with it. Continue reading


Fire Emblem Fates: Facts Surrounding the Controversy

A couple days ago, a controversy sprung up surrounding content within the game called Fire Emblem Fates. It involves two characters in the game, the male protagonist and a female character named Soleil. She is presented as a lesbian character (at least strongly implied she is one) who is very easily flustered around other women, to the point of fainting. Continue reading

New Super Mario Bros 2 – The Review

There’s a certain formula that almost all Mario games follow. Eight levels. Specific ‘Mario Bros’ music. A boss battle. Coins. Mushrooms. Flowers. A kidnapped Princess. Ghosts. Bowser.  We’ve seen this basic formula since 1985, and Nintendo hasn’t really deviated from it. Rather, they embrace it. They refine it. Continue reading

Activision Blizzard Purchases Major League Gaming

On January 4th, 2016, Activision Blizzard announced they purchased Major League Gaming (MLG), a global leader in eSports and gaming competitions. This acquisition gave Activision Blizzard two popular intellectual properties: MLG Pro Circuit and GameBattles. This move was part of a greater strategy by the company to become the leader in online gaming, which began October 21st with signing on Steve Bornstein (the creative force behind the NFL Network, ESPN, and NFL Redzone) and Mike Sepso (Co-Founder of MLG) to lead the new division in Activision Blizzard. Continue reading

Dragon Age Inquisition DLC Review

Well it’s been awhile since my last review. In fact, it feels like forever since I last felt motivated enough to review on, well, anything. Trust me though that it may have something to do with a certain game which consumed most of my life of the greater part of 2015. No, I’m not talking about Fallout 4 (but expect more on that later). No, I’m talking about Dragon Age: Inquisition. Continue reading

Why is Valve hiring a Psychologist for game design?

In the job openings section of the Valve website, there is an opening for the position of Psychologist (Research/Experimental). The job description makes it sound like the position will be ultimately beneficial to the company and players, as the position is supposed to improve the game testing process, analyze data to improve on the overall experience of the customer base, research hardware, and offer analysis of the company’s finances in order to improve operations. The first duty the Psychologist has, however, is somewhat of a double edged sword for the gamer:  Provide relevant insight into human behavior in order to shape gameplay and customer experience. Continue reading