Ravenloft Coming For 5th Edition

Ravenloft is returning to Dungeons and Dragons in a big way! Tracy and Laura Hickman, the creators of the original Ravenloft Module called… well… Ravenloft… , is helping Wizards of the Coast writer Chris Perkins with his latest release: Curse of Strahd. This signifies the first stand alone Ravenloft product (not counting the retroclones) since White Wolf’s product in 2003. Continue reading


Amber: Diceless Roleplaying

[Note:  I wanted to look at an older game that I really enjoy playing and running. It’s not for everyone, but eh. It’s still one of my favorites.]

I’m a gamer.

I don’t mean that I play video games. I mean I play roleplaying games. To me, that’s what being a gamer is. Someone who sits down, breaks out the dice, and gets into character. AD&D, Rifts, Vampire… yeah, the people who play those, to me, are gamers. Some may disagree with me. That’s cool. I won’t hold anyone against it. Continue reading