Interview Series: The Creator of Mass Effect 3: Vindication

Today, I had a chance to talk with Gerry Pugliese, creator of Mass Effect 3: Vindication. This is a re-imagining of Mass Effect 3, and a very interesting one at that. You can check out his twitter page here for more information as well as the link to download it! It’s a PDF book where you can make decisions to help shape the outcome of the ending. There are new LIs to pick from and a new ending that doesn’t include the Starbrat!

It’s a satisfying read, and faithful to the Mass Effect franchise. Gerry took 539 pages worth of notes (and concept art) to create this loving tribute to the series.

For more information, you can contact Gerry at: 


Interview Series: Realize Gaming

The idea behind the facebook page Realize Gaming interested me. It was created to celebrate the idea that video games are art. So as part of the ongoing interview series, I reached out to the administrators of Realize Gaming and asking them questions about their wonderful page. I am grateful they answered me. Continue reading

Interview Series: The admin of Boycott Xbox One

I had a chance to have a short discussion with the administrator for the facebook page Boycott Xbox One. It was a chance to understand the motivations behind the page and to get a better idea of the purpose behind it. We were unable to chat via skype, but the administrator was more than happy to answer my questions over private messaging. Continue reading