Game Dev Tycoon

Name:  Game Dev Tycoon
Released:  December 10th, 2012
Developer:  Greenheart Games
Publisher:  Greenheart Games; Valve Corporation
Game Developers:  Patrick Klug, Daniel Klug, Chad Keating
Genre:  Business Simulation; Video Game Developer Simulation Continue reading


Indie Game Review: Shipwreck

I loved Legend of Zelda growing up. It was hard not to. Everyone I knew played it, even people who I was positive never touched the NES. It’s a fun game built around exploration, combat and discovery. Most of the Zeldas followed roughly the same gameplay set up as the original. Link sets off to explore the overworld in order to accomplish tasks. These tasks could be gathering items, gaining spells, defeating monsters, and so much more. It felt special to me. It really did.

So when a game like Shipwreck came out, I jumped on the opportunity to review it. How could I not? The developers behind the game are huge Legend of Zelda fans. And it shows in the game. Continue reading

Interviewing Nick Gravelyn, Developer for Brushfire Games

Most of the indie developers that I’ve met so far have been individual people who wanted to program games on their own. A few of them teamed up with friends to form their own companies. Nick and Joe Gravelyn were the first brothers that I came across that formed their own indie developer company called Brushfire Games. Continue reading