I was skeptical when I first heard of the new Lucifer show. It used to be rare to see a decent adaption of a comic book. For those who may not have known, Lucifer was a DC/Vertigo comic. The character was written/created by Neil Gaiman, basing him off of John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Mike Carey took over the character and wrote the entire 75 issue series run of the comic named after the main character, Lucifer. It was a phenomenal take on a classic tale.Lucifer-and-SandmanTo summarize it….Lucifer walked away from the Throne of Hell, feeling tired after over a billion years of torturing sinners and playing political games with demons. Lucifer desired freedom, just like in Milton’s work. He realized being in hell was part of God’s plan, not his. So he left.

And had a series of adventures went from one side existence to the other. He left God’s plan (he thought, though it turns not not so much) and existence itself and created another universe (an atheistic one). After that, it got weird. He and his team encountered dead angels, fallen gods, Lilith and her children, Michael the Archangel, and eventually God himself.

It was absolutely brilliant. I haven’t read many comics that were as creative.

So, yes. I did not expect much out of the series. There was no way it could live up to the comic. No way. But…. there were quite a few shows based off of comics that have been pretty good. Gotham. Flash. Supergirl. Constantine. DC Comics should be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to television series. So, I checked it out.

And you should too!

Tom Ellis completely owns the role of Lucifer. Everything about Ellis’ portrayal of lucifer-tom-ellisLucifer is flawless. He has a devil may care attitude, literally. He find everything around him fascinating, enjoying the experience of living on Earth. Every line is laced with amusement, confidence, and swagger that has to be seen to be believed. Hell, this Lucifer is completely likable!  Considering that many depictions of Lucifer has him convincing 1/3rd of Heaven’s Host to rebel against God, it’s safe to assume he’s likable (if not highly charismatic).

The show is lighthearted cop procedural show. This is where is seriously, seriously diverges from the comic. Lucifer is living on Earth rather than traveling existence. This part of show’s main weakness, as it limits the potential for story growth. And rather than finding ways to fight for his freedom, he’s helping solve crimes because it amuses him. To be honest, I’m not completely sold on the concept. It’s limiting the genius of Ellis and may prevent any true exploration of the character because everything has to fit the cop procedural mold. The first few episodes has been the crime of the week. Hopefully it won’t last and become something more.

This show really does have potential. It has what is easily one of the best versions of Lucifer that I’ve ever seen. The writers and directors know the potential of their lead actor and are giving him the freedom to be as charming and witty as possible. It has a ton of source materials to pull ideas from.


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