Sony PlayStation 4 Sells Well During 2015 Holiday Season

Sony announced that more than 5.7 million PlayStation 4 consoles during the 2015 holiday season. This brings the total PS4 consoles to 35.9 million units sold, passing the Nintendo 64 in overall sales to make it the 13th best selling console of all time (the Super Nintendo is the 12th).


Sony also announced more than 35 million PS4 games sold during the holiday season. The grand total of PS4 games sold exceeds 191 million copies, which far exceeds the closest competitor, the Xbox One which sold approximately 104 million games in total. The Wii U was in distant third, selling approximately 69 million games (rounding up) total.


Sony is not completely dominating the video game market. The 3DS has sold more than 220 million games over the life of the system versus the PlayStation Vita which sold barely more than 50 million.


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