Pressured: A Press Start To Begin Review

Pressured is the latest game by Flump Studios and they gave us a chance to take a look at it. What did we think? Read up for yourself! Pressured can be found on Steam by clicking here.

The Good

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple and highly addictive. The game presents a 4 x 3 rectangle (12 squares) and a target number. Random numbers flashes on the boxes. The goal is to click on the number (adding them up) until you reach the goal. If you are successful five times, you move onto the next challenge.

But it is timed, so man… you have to be fast! And those numbers flash quickly! Check out this tutorial video to see the game in action. You’ll get a good sense of the gameplay as well:

This game is so addicting, it is scary. This is one of the games that is easy to learn and difficult to master.

Game Lives Up To Its Name:  The game’s title says everything you’ll need to know about the game. Every single time I play this game, my heart races. Heck, I am panicking because I’m racing to try to click on all the right numbers. Can you imagine it? Waiting to see the number 2 pop up, so you’re searching the screen over and over again for it to pop up. And when it does, it only pops up for maybe 2 seconds. So you have to click on it before it disappears!

Simple and brilliant!!!

Sound:  The videos should also give you a sense of the beautiful music that’s in the game. I don’t really know how to describe it other than beautifully haunting. It sounds kind of like the higher keys of a piano or maybe crystal? And it builds up more and more, eventually adding a drum beat that really adds to the intensity of the general experience. It’s a nice treat!


The Bad

Easy To Lose:  If this game has one problem, it’s that it is very easy to lose. I lost count of the number times when a number turned into a bomb or that the number I was going for turned into another number. And that’s when the pressure starts to mount up.

I’m keeping this short because, well, that’s part of the point of the game. The game, at heart, is about putting the player under more and more pressure until they make a mistake. It’s ingenious, but I suspect it could get frustrating for some people. I know it got frustrating for me.

The Honest Truth

Games were originally created for two purposes: to help people learn critical skills and to pass time in a fun way. These days, educational games are what helps teach critical skills. Most games help pass the time, but not much more. Sure, they may help with hand-eye coordination or maybe help with pattern recognition. But for the most part, video games help train the gamer to know when to press the right buttons or triggers in just the right way at the right time to win.

Flump Studios sought to go in a different direction. Their past few games was all about pattern recognition, with their vertical shoot-’em-up games. If you haven’t had a chance to play Pester or Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection, you really should. They are some of the best games of their genre. But this one is different. It teaches addition in a creative, yet simple, way. We all know how to add. It’s sorta intuitive. But when you’re put under pressure, you’re forced to apply it in ways you haven’t before. And you learn how to add faster and faster until it becomes far more intuitive.

That’s the beauty and strength of this game. It actually helps you master one of the most critical skills you can have. And it does it in one of the most addicting ways possible. Seriously! As you get better and better at addition, and believe me… it is not as easy as it sounds, you will get farther and farther into the game.  The farther you get, the more you’ll want to play it!

Get the game! It’s phenomenal.

If I were to put a number value on it, I would say it is 4.5 out of 5 stars, easily. Do yourself a favor and get the game!


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