Warner Bros’ DC Movie Schedule Leaked?


Nikki Finke, a former reporter for Deadline.com who has now launched her own website Nikkifinke.com, has just recently possibly leaked the release schedule for Warner Bros’ line of DC films.
If the real deal, which should be confirmed or not by Comic Con, then holy wow am I excited folks!!

Let’s get to it shall we.

May 2016- Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
July 2016- Shazam
Xmas 2016- Sandman
May 2017- Justice League
July 2017- Wonder Woman
Xmas 2017- Flash/Green Lantern Team-Up
May 2018- Man of Steel 2

Deep breathes Dale, deep breathes.
We of course already knew about ‘Batman V Superman’ (which I personally cannot wait for) and we knew about Justice League, those have already been confirmed.
‘Shazam’ could be intriguing, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has already said he’s in a DC movie and he has been long rumoured to play Black Adam, Shazam’s nemesis. The story of a boy who gets to transform into an ultimate, optimistic superhero is something that could really resonate with many fans, yours truly here included.


‘Sandman’ is a mythology that is ripe for a film series adaptation, so dark and moody, a completely unique experience unlike anything else, Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece of genius apparently has Joseph Gordon-Levitt attached to both star and direct.


Justice League’ I have waited for my entire life. As much as I love the Avengers, they have NOTHING on the Justice League for me, and I’m not trying to start a flame war here, that’s just my personal opinion folks, I love both Marvel and DC, but at the end of the day, the DC characters just resonate with me more. But I still love BOTH!!


At long last, a solo ‘Wonder Woman’ film. This would make so many people happy, the third part of the DC Trinity finally receiving her own cinematic portrayal, and what a mythology she has.This has huge potential. Though first I still need to be convinced of Gal Gadot’s casting.


Quite possibly my favourite part of this list, a Flash/Green Lantern buddy cop movie. WOW. Just wow. Imagine Lethal Weapon, but with super powers. TAKE MY MONEY NOW WARNER BROS!!!!!


And finally, something that will make many Superman and ‘Man of Steel’ fans happy, an actual solo sequel to ‘Man of Steel’, because frankly, ‘Dawn of Justice’ is not a sequel to ‘Man of Steel‘, it’s just the next film in the DC Cinematic Universe. There’s a difference. It’s like ‘The Incredible Hulk’ to ‘Iron Man’. Yeah, Tony Stark’s in it, and it’s directly after ‘Iron Man’, but it’s not ‘Iron Man 2’, it’s just the second film setting up the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
And you know what, while it’s not a competition (because it’s not folks), we can love all of the movies, but with a lot of people always saying “Marvel are so far ahead of DC, and DC really needs to catch up with Marvel”, firstly, no they don’t, let Warner Bros/DC take their time and do their own thing, and secondly, if this schedule is true, then DC just walked up to Marvel’s door, knocked on it and brought it. Because this is a damn fine list of movies and I AM EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s great to be in the Golden Age of Superhero Movies.

Now granted, it all depends on who writes, directs and stars in these films, but as of right now, all of my thoughts are positive.
We shall find out at Comic Con if, ultimately, this is true or not, but damn I sure do hope it is.
Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below folks.


2 comments on “Warner Bros’ DC Movie Schedule Leaked?

  1. Wait wait wait you talk about Captain Marvel as being an optimistic superhero and then go and use a photo from the god awful Nu52 reboot, A reboot that changes Billy Batson from the a kid who endures hardship and never lets it bring him down to yet another angst ridden teen and changes Captain Marvel’s C. C. Beck design to something that resembles the worst excesses of the 90’s. Then again it is from the Nu52 so that’s par the course.

    “Imagine Lethal Weapon but with superpowers” seriously that’s how you read (if you have even read that is) the Flash/Green Lantern friendship, your articles often strike me as being written by someone who professes to care about these characters but hasn’t really bothered to learn anything more than the surface details about them.

    “It’s not a competition” except it is, being two film universe’s based on the two man publishing houses, of course they are in competition it’s silly to try and argue otherwise. And no DC “doesn’t need to catch up” what they need to do is actually respect the source material and not have the foundation of a shared universe be a film that was so laughably unlike the character it was supposed to be adapting. I’m sure Marvel is shaking in their boots at films that are overseen by the man who made the critically panned “Man of Steel” and a man that genially called She-Hulk a slut.

    I used to be a fan of the DC Universe but then they stopped caring about staying true to the characters and started trying to win over silly little dude bros that would rather not have any POC or Female characters get in the way of their angstfest.

  2. If there is one thing that should never be adapted: it’s Sandman. The art, the way the dialogue boxes are written and the entire world only works in a comic. The instant you put an actual face to Dream you ruin him. He is described a having black holes for eyes with tiny stars to be his pupils, will this happen in a film? I expect not, they’ll give him normal eyes to portray ’emotion’ more easily even though he’s supposed to be a very closed off character. The entire way the Sandman universe works can’t be transferred to film and what’s more how will this relate to the DC cinematic universe? It seems like Sandman is there just because it is arguably one of DC’s best titles.

    If we look at it from a story perspective everything in Sandman is more or less the aftermath of Dream’s imprisonment. The entire run is one continious story, you couldn’t just pick one and then adapt it because all the background knowledge wouldn’t be there. Too much of the film would be set aside to explain how the world works that we would be left with two hours of exposition and no time with these incredibly endearing and quite literally timeless characters. The universe of the Sandman is vast, complex and it is a comic that should always remain a comic.

    Then from a personal preference the Sandman is a dark story. A very dark story, they will tone it down to fit into the DC films which will once again lose that special spark which makes it truly unique: it’s a comic that is in no way for children, every comic should appeal to children in some way in my opinion but the Sandman is an exception to this rule. And if DC does choose to keep the dark tones then I can only assume they have no interest in making their films for families and so are ignoring a huge portion of their target audience.

    The Sandman is a masterpiece, a masterpiece that shouldn’t be on screen for that would merely sully it.

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