The Future of Console Gaming – Introduction

Video game technology continues to advance in strange new directions. At least I think it is a strange, new direction. They are creating video game tools that can effectively read our minds! I kid you not. Mind reading. In theory, video games will soon be responding to our reactions. That’s almost surreal. It can make for a phenomenal and personalized experience. It could make games like Silent Hill so much scarier. Or maybe a FPS game far more intense (can you imagine being pinned down by enemy fire and the program trying to get your adrenaline going like you were actually in the fight?).

The really neat part about this is how this is done. Obviously, direct mind reading is impossible. It’s not like video game developers managed to duplicate Professor Xavier’s power. Although….

I'm not a f**king Xbox

I’m not a f**king Xbox


This is a multi-part series where we will look at how technology progressed with video game consoles. A lot of fascinating innovations were tried with each generation. Some of them, like motion sensors, redefined the industry. While others, like the Sega Dreamcast’s portable memory card where you could play mini-games, was forgotten fairly quickly. Each part will examine different advancements in console technology, like multi-button controllers, analog controllers, 3D environments, motion sensors, pressure sensitive buttons, and so on. Also, each part will examine huge failures in console technology, like having a calculator keypad on the controller, oversized controllers, underpowered consoles, and so on.

By mapping out where we’ve been, and looking at what is on the horizon with technology, it may be possible to see where we are going. For example, there’s new technology that’ll let the game to react to the player’s emotional state and help enhance the general experience. That’s right. Gameplay that’s customized to the player.

Either way, enjoy the ride.

Coming soon: Part 1 – The joystick controller



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