Interview With The Indie Developers For RicolaVG

I was given the opportunity to interview two Members of the indie company RicolaVG: Ricky Hernandez and Winston Gambro. Ricky is the company’s developer and Winston is their artist.

They released Indiemon Villain Version a few months back, the third game in their Indiemon series. It’s a fun game where the player gets to control the villain as he conquers the Earth. It’s received favorable reviews and will be the reviewed by Press Start To Begin within two weeks! We are very excited by the prospect.

It’s clear that Ricky and Winston love video games. I could feel it while interviewing them. You can see if for yourself when you read this interview. I want to personally thank both Ricky and Winston for the opportunity of interviewing both of you. It was a privilage!

Without further adieu, let’s begin!

Press Start To Begin:  The Indiemon series has a unique, hand drawn look that’s flat out charming! It works. Why did you choose that sort of style?

Winston:  I wanted to have a more comic book feel to the world. Comics and graphic novels are my major source of inspiration so I wanted to convey that visual to the player.

Press Start To Begin:  I can dig that. Ricky, where did you get the inspiration from for Indiemon? What sets it apart from the rest?

Ricky:  Indiemon was a fun series we have and will continue to work on. It is influenced by Pokemon and Final Fantasy, in addition to that is on Xbox!

Press Start To Begin:  Any game that’s influenced by Final Fantasy is alright with me. Final Fantasy is one of my all time favorite games. You know, I have to know… what sort of games did you guys used to play when you were younger?

Ricky:  The games I enjoyed when I was younger I still enjoy today. Super Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mega Man were all a huge part of my childhood.

Winston:  When I was younger I loved platformers, Pokemon and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (I have over 300 hours in that haha)


Press Start To Begin:  300 hours. Nice!!! My best friend has over 300 hours on Final Fantasy X. Man, people can play those games for days on end and never get bored. Do you still play the same sort of games?

Winston:  I play RPGs, FPSs, platformers, really anything. My top games are Modern Warfare 1, BioShock and Arkham City.

Ricky:  I have many video games in my collection. My favorites are definitely the original Pokemon games, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Mega Man 8, and of course The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I’m for sure a Nintendo fan by far.

Press Start To Begin: We’re getting a little bit off track. There’s something that I always think is fascinating to learn about.. and that’s the unexpected challenges you faced. I mean, when you’re making and distributing games, there has to be like a trillion things that could go wrong. Did you encounter any unexpected difficulties?

Ricky:  A massive amount. I started Indiemon: Earth Nation 3 years ago while I was still learning how to program. I had actually given up on the project many times with long breaks before I decided to try it again. Also since I was still learning I had to reprogram things over an over again.

In the end though, somehow I managed to get it done. Another issue we had was with Indiemon Villain Version. The Xbox Indie Game Dashboard was frozen for a while which led my game to very low visibility and sales. That’s why most people don’t know about.


Press Start To Begin:  Jebus, that’s insane. I’m glad you were able to get that done. Did you ever think you’d have this sort of problem when you started out? I mean… why did you get started making games in the first place?

Ricky:  Well I started learning how to program in high school. Many of the projects we did was create a game with such and such requirements. After high school I continued making games because it is a fun thing to do. Creating a whole new world for other players to experience is just really cool. Thus we started making games for XBLIG.

Press Start To Begin:  What’s in the future for RicolaVG? Got any new games on the horizon?

Ricky:  We are just about to start development on Indiemon: Thunder Region and also Indiemon Villain Version 2 in a few days.


Press Start To Begin:  You guys sound really busy. What do you do to relax? I mean, besides playing video games!

Ricky:  Well we are actually both full time college students, so we spend most of our time doing school related things. My favorite sport is tennis which I play nearly everyday. My favorite show right now is probably the Big Bang Theory and my preferred genre of music is Christian Hard Rock.

Winston:   I draw and read a lot of comics My comics can be found here: Favorite Movie: Fight Club. Favorite TV Show: Lost. Favorite Ongoing TV Show: Arrow/Parks and Rec/ China IL. Favorite Genre of Music: Alternative.

Press Start To Begin:  It sounds like you guys are leading really busy lives. So, last question so you can get back to it. Let’s pretend you had an unlimited budget. What sort of game would you love to make?

Ricky:  With an unlimited budget we would love to make a game like Super Smash Bros. We would use characters from all of our games and it would just be plain awesome.

Press Start To Begin:  Thank you so much for your time!



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