Game Review – Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection

Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection is a lot of fun. There’s no other way to describe the game. The developers at Flump Studios made an absolute masterpiece with this game. It was an unexpected surprise. At first glance, the game looked like a your run of the mill vertical scroller shooter game (called Shumps these days… short for ‘shoot em up’). What I found out was this: this is not your typical game. Not by a long shot.


Gameplay:  8 out of 10

The player has a choice of three different ships they can use, each equipped with a laser weapon. The laser has varying power and width, depending on the ship you use. The wider the beam, the weaker the shot. It’s pretty intuitive in this respect.

The enemies are what helps set this game apart from the other shooter games out there. They all have their own unique ways they skr5move around the screen and different ways they attack. I’ve played games where the enemies attacked the same way, the only differences being the graphics. In this game, all the enemies are different. That helps quite a bit, giving this game much needed gameplay depth and requiring the player to adapt to the current enemy or die quickly.

The goal of the game is simple enough. Dodge the bullets firing at you and destroy the enemy. If it becomes too difficult to dodge, the player has a bomb they can use to clear the screen of enemies and bullets. Everything about this is straight-forward. The only difficulty the player may have is the overwhelming number of bullets that can be on the screen. There were times where I couldn’t tell yo how I wasn’t blown up. It was a minor miracle that I was able to dodge the bullets and enemies. That’s part of the thrill of the gameplay. Though, it can get a touch overwhelming as well.

There are three difficulty settings to the game. If the player picks the easiest mode, the bomb is used automatically when they are about to be hit. With the harder modes, the game doesn’t automatically use the bomb. And we have three modes as well: Arcade, Time Trial, and Survival. Each of them presents their own challenges.

The game also has continues just like the older games. When the player runs out of lives, they can continue. Though when they continue, they have to go back to the beginning of the stage. And no, it’s not a hassle in the slightest. The player gets to use what they learned on dodging and come out that much better for it. It’s not like the modern games that will let you try and retry from where you last died. You have to learn and become a better player to win! And thanks to this, I was able to beat the first level on my first continue. Yeah, I had a sense of accomplishment, just like I used to with the older games.

Features:  8 out of 10

Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection implements math as a way to level up the ship’s weapons in the arcade mode. On Time Trials, Super-Killer-Hornet-Resurrection-Launches-on-Steam-on-February-6-424248-2the player solves the problem to get additional time. It sticks with basic math: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and so on. The problems are very easy, so the player can solve them with minimum difficulty.

Numbers fall from the top of the screen, letting the player construct the mathematical expression. After that, three answers fall. The player has to pick the right answer while trying not to die from the dozens of bullets and enemies flying everywhere. If the player picks the right answer, the ship gets more lasers that lets them hit a lot more enemies. On the downside, if the player picks the wrong answer, their weapons will downgrade. There are times in the game where there are so many bullets flying, the player is virtually forced to pick the wrong answer or be blown up if they go for the right one. That does get a touch frustrating sometimes.

Using math in a game like this is innovative.There’s an added challenging dimension that will keep the player on edge. I know it did that for me. Dodging bullets while trying to solve the problem. It’s the first time in history that someone can be blown up doing math!

Graphics and Sound:  9 out of 10

The player has a choice of background music, ranging from the dulcet tones of the Sixty Fours to the intense battle music by 3jDylan Berry. When I played the game, I noticed my playing style changed back on what music was playing. The Sixty Fours got me to play the game calmly. I was able to dodge somewhat better, feeling a lot more relaxed. Dylan Berry’s music made me feel a lot more on edge, making the nerve-wracking combat far, far, far more intense. I was on the edge of my seat the entire game! Flump Studios had a stroke of genius with their selection of music. I’ve never seen a soundtrack work so well with a game before.

And the graphics! Wow! It has the old-school feel while making the enemies and backgrounds look really freaking cool. Flump Studios did not go for photo-realism. They went for the class monster look in the same vein as Contra 3. The enemies look exactly how video game monsters used to look: larger than life, cool, scary and silly at the same time. I loved it! Loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it!

I wish the game went a touch slower sometimes so I could get a good look at it all. That’s just a personal gripe though. Overall, Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection has the look of a classic video game and the sound that makes everything so much more intense from the moment the game begins!

Replayability:  7 out of 10

I’m playing the game while typing this. It’s addicting. The enemies are fun! The music is fun! Man, so much of this is a blast to play. 377254_1_mediumI played this game for what feels like hours, and those hours were very well spent!

What hurts the replayability of this game is how short it is; the game only has six levels. There’s only so many times one can replay them all before all the enemy patterns are memorized and the game becomes too easy. Sure, there’s Time Trial and Survival modes. But even those will eventually become too easy. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but the way the game is made,  I can tell it’ll eventually happen.

Though until that happens, I’m going to be replaying the hell out of this game!

Total Score:  32 out of 40

Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection, as I said in the beginning, is a lot of fun to play. In a lot of ways, the gameplay is like the first game. It’s just improved because of the weapons and the addition of math (get it.. the addition of math.. oh that was funny and you know it!).  It’s a great vertical scroller shooter game. You really need to pick it up on XBL and play it yourself to see. It’s only $2.99, and that’s a steal for a game this much fun.  You can download the trial and see for yourself how great this game is!


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