The Mass Effect Franchise: Retake Mass Effect 3

Two years since the excitement
Two years since the Reapers invaded Earth
Two years since the death of Thane
Two years since the fall of Thessia
Two years since the indoctrination of the Illusive Man
Two years since the controversy with the ending

Two years.

I already talked about the trilogy in previous posts, so there’s no need to go back to it. So rather than go back to it, I want to talk about something that I feel may be far more relevant.

The Retake Mass Effect 3 movement.

525448_10151478082888988_998882285_nIt’s difficult to pinpoint where it all started. There were complains on BioWare Social Network (BSN) for a day or two before the Demand A Better Ending For Mass Effect 3 page took off. Then the website Hold The Line launched, supporting the Retake movement the best it could. And for months, Retake tried to drum up attention to what was going on and to try to pressure BioWare to change the ending for Mass Effect 3. They used some pretty creative ways to get attention: pictures, cupcakes and M&Ms to name a few. The campaigns to pressure BioWare were numerous: Turn On/Turn Off, I Am Retake, and lots of letter writing campaigns. It now exists on the Retake Mass Effect 3 Initiative Log.

Did it work? Some people got the ending they wanted. So for them, sure. Some didn’t get the ending they thought the series deserved. So for them, no. For me… I don’t know. I honestly don’t know if Retake worked.

Passions ran hot with everything that happened. Sometimes people went too far and attacked each other. I’ve seen a number of Retakers go on the offensive and insult others just because they had a different opinion. I’ve also seen people who disagreed with Retake attack because of having a different opinions. I’ve had trolls attack me personally, and still do to this day for some reason, just because I was active in the movement. Those people seriously need a life. And a hug. From a Thresher Maw…


My perspective of what Retake did may be a little bit different from others. When I look back, I don’t see the campaigns. I see a group of friends who came together. Timothy. Lany. Nicole. Olivia. Joel. Shannon. Suzie. Peter. Kaeley. Loryanna. Wesley. Hailey. Chrissy. Dustin. Nicole. Daggera. Paul. Yumeka. Marine. Christopher. Khalisti. Nigel.  Man… so many others that I can’t name them all. To me, Retake was about the friendships and relationships that I forged. I had a falling out with some of them. Those I truly regret. I do. Others, I still see on Facebook from time to time. Most of us went our separate ways, as what happens with things like this. I can honestly say that I miss all of you.

It was fun. A lot of fun. We all came together to do what had to be a dozen campaigns. But what I’ll remember most is talking online for hours upon hours. I suspect our campaigns would have been far more successful if the administrator for the Demand Page, Eric, didn’t walk away from the page. Yeah. He came back once a month to make up an excuse, then disappeared just as quickly… only to come back a month later to make another excuse.. and another.. and another.

Anniversaries bring back so many memories.


The M&Ms campaign was a big one for me. I can remember coming up with the idea. It was only to give people something to unite around since Eric walked away. So I reached out to people on the Demand page and Hold The Line, got them to work together crafting messages on the M&Ms. We were able to raise over $800 in like three days. This was nothing short of amazing. The goal was to give a friendly message to BioWare, telling them that we still supported them but wanted to have a better ending than what we received. I mean, what could be friendlier than candy? It wasn’t a veiled insult. It was fans just being fans.

So what was Retake for me? It was a celebration of the Mass Effect series. Fans from around the world came together out of love of the series. That’s what I’ll remember from it.


2 comments on “The Mass Effect Franchise: Retake Mass Effect 3

  1. I won’t get into to the details but retake died the second some people decided it was all or nothing. I can hate the ending and still love the story and ride, however those on Demand and Retake ME3: Initiative Log see things differently. I was a huge supporter of the Hold the Line and ReTake movement, but once it became clear BioWare wasn’t going to change I decided I wouldn’t let it ruin the game for me. Now some like Crissy Shepard would have you believe that if you buy DLC you support the ending. I disagree, I think you don’t go to a play only to leave in the second act. I was tossed out of the inner circle because I let my love for the game over power my hate for the ending, and I regret nothing. Fair weather fans will come and go yet us few die hard fans remain. Two years removed I can say I loved the ride (though the ending of that ride sucked) and I look forward to the next one. However it seems those who cling to the ReTake movement would rather implode EA and BioWare then move on and love the game for what it is.

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