Untapped Potential of DLC

There’s still a lot of untapped potential in DLCs (Downloadable Content). Video game companies are doing pretty good things with them today. They help expand the story, give new and fun quests, insert new characters, and correct program bugs still in the software. When done right, DLCs can really enhance the overall gaming experience.

Companies can breath life into popular older games, increasing their sales and help appeal to nostalgia by releasing DLCs for these games. Click here and then DLCconsider what could be done with the first Mass Effect game with a new DLC showing parts of the game from Saren’s perspective. Saren was just as active as Shepard was throughout the game, if not more so. Where was he hiding? What was he up to? How did Sovereign discover Saren was not acting loyal?

There’s a way to work the DLC to link it to new DLCs in Mass Effect 2. Saren somehow was able to finance building a sizable base Mass-Effect-Saren-1024x576on Virmire. What if Saren had backing from Donovan Hock or Henry Lawson with the base? The money had to come from somewhere. You’d have an entirely new subplot to run through the three games! You would first be Saren in the DLC in the first game. Then in Mass Effect 2, you could play a new character investigating Saren on behalf of the Alliance or the Council. The goal would be to clean up everything Saren was doing, investigate everything he was up to.

This is just an example, of course. But consider it. There are over 1100 games for the Xbox 360 and approximately 800 games for games pilethe PlayStation 3. That’s a lot of games that are owned by a lot of gamers. Chances are, those gamers would love to go back and replay some of those older games, for nostalgia’s sake if for anything else. I know I tend to replay my games every once in a while.

But why should video game companies consider going back to their older games? They are always moving forward to promote their newer games. What’s the justification for it?

I’ll admit part of the justification is purely selfish. It would be awesome to have a new DLC come out after a few years. It appeals to the fanboy in me. The other part is genuine curiosity.¬†Would this work? Could it be profitable for a business to release DLCs for their popular older games?

It couldn’t hurt for a company to try it. I would put down the money.

Would you?


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