The 10th Doctor

As someone who just recently become OBSESSED with Doctor Who, I have been dying to write my newest blog piece on this wonderful TV show. Mainly I choose to focus on my favorite Doctor, the 10th. He is also my first Doctor as well. Because I watched the show starting with 10, then 9 and finally 11. Way to watch it out of context. I should at least say, spoilers ahead.  But anyways…. Allons-y!

As I discovered with Doctor Who, the companions play an essential part of the show.  They each shape a mold the Doctor, and help his current incarnation grow. What I really, really, REALLY loved about 10 was his companions.  Each one bringing in a different piece of 10’s puzzle.

Rose Tyler:  The first companion of the new series, she carried over from 9 to 10. But she really calms and balances the Doctor. But what was special about Rose was she was the girl he fell in love with. I feel the Doctor has always loved anyone he has ever traveled with. They all become part of his gigantic family.  He never forgets them, even when he regenerates. But Rose, Rose I feel was different somehow. Rose, like a good portion of the Doctor’s companions, fell in love with him. However, I really feel this is the one he truly fell in love with back. Heck, the poor man burned up a sun to make sure to say goodbye. I wish the actress would have stayed on longer as Rose’s character but I am glad she returns to offer closure to the story arch that was created. Even riding off into the sunset with her Doctor in the end. In a sense at least.

Martha Jones: I liked Martha, however of the Doctor’s companions in 10’s run, she was my least favorite.  I always felt she was lacking…. something. And it is something that I still to this day cannot put my finger on. But she was still. a fantastic character. She helped the Doctor heal from his loss of Rose, however, he leaving left more of a guilt, since she fell in love with the Doctor and he did not reciprocate her feelings.

Donna Noble: This is the companion that grew on me to where I have a huge fondness for her character now. While I didn’t have a lot to touch on, in my opinion of Martha, I have a lot for Donna. Donna at first was ANNOYING as all hell to me. She was very… spoiled when we first see her. However, by the end of the episode, she seems to have a calming and pacifying effect on the Doctor. The next Episode she is featured in, she even remarks on this. As Adipose are flying through the air. What I also liked about Donna was her sense of humor. She is the first companion (At the time) that I ran into that didn’t have romantic feelings for the Doctor, but considered him a dear friend. And that was fantastic. She made hilarious comments on that note. And added a lightness to the Doctor as well. Which is what made it even harder when she loses her memory. And watching the Doctor look on at her, knowing she can never remember him. It just breaks your heart.

The Doctor Himself: Unlike 9, 10 is much better with people in my opinion. While I really liked 9, don’t get me wrong. 10 just had this amazing way with people. He had charisma, charm but at the same time he had an undertone of darkness and guilt that would come out, especially in the end of Series 4. Guilt for his planet he could not save. A dark desire to save everyone. No matter the cost, even changing history. Which in the end, still did not save the people he had made the effort for. I feel at the end, he was also lonely. And I think that cause his more darker nature to become more prevalent. He didn’t want anyone else to get hurt with him, so he took on no friends. But I think that didn’t do him well.

Needless to say, the 10th Doctor is always going to be my favorite Doctor I think. He was also my first Doctor and has a special fondness in my heart for him.  But he’s not the only Doctor. And I think the next one I shall write about will be completely…. fantastic.


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