Sherlock Series III: Episode Two “The Sign of Three”


The Game is on

Sherlock faces perhaps his biggest challenge of his entire life. The battle of wits against his arch -rival that nearing cost him his life and his career was a mere walk in the park compared to this moment. In fact, this could the ultimate turning point that could change Sherlock’s life forever.


It’s the wedding of John Watson!

What is usually a joyous occasion for most people, for someone like Sherlock Holmes, it is just another one of life’s annoyances that he will never understand or even be involved with. As he so elegantly phrases it, “Two people who currently live together are about to attend church, have a party, go on a short holiday then carry on living together. What’s big about that?” While Sherlock would rather have nothing to do with the mess of a wedding, when it comes to his friend Watson, Sherlock can’t hardly decline. Especially when Watson asks Sherlock to be his best man, something that even Sherlock himself cannot comprehend as to why his colleague would make a request of someone such as himself. It’s hard enough for the detective who is trying not to let the idea of losing his mystery companion to domestic bliss get him down, but to come up with a proper speech for the event has him practically pulling his hair out. Still, Sherlock is up for the challenge!

This episode is basically filler before the finale. However it’s good filler and it provides an interesting and entertaining look into a side of Sherlock fans haven’t had a chance to see yet. By now Sherlock is seen as a, as he puts it, “a high-functional sociopath’ who really no empathy or relation to those around. He’s put off by the mundane and is very isolated from much of the world. And for a very long time, Sherlock saw no problem in this. That is until he met John Watson.

8d4465abc1c6974ebd4fb742e4c5aafcThis is the episode that does a fantastic job at showcasing the value of the relationship Sherlock has with Watson and what it means to him. There are some very well-written scenes here that shows the two at the best of what they do, whether it’s solving crimes or just putting up with each other. This is especially true for when it comes to Sherlock’s best man speech. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is a truly touching and genuinely emotional moment that will tug at your heartstrings. And before I forget, one of the best scenes has to be when Sherlock takes Watson out on his final night as a single man. For those who are more familiar with Benedict Cumberbatch’s career as a dramatic actor in films such as 12 Years a Slave and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug should find this episode to be an exceptional treat. Cumberbatch’s hand at comedy is the best I’ve seen from him yet. I laughed so hard on how he take a normally serious character and make him as human and as goofy as anyone. Let me just say this much about the bachelor party scene: even when falling down drunk and picking fights with invisible people at the bar, Sherlock still knows how to be cool.

8902ecd04969761dcd1a529060b59249Of course there is a mystery here that needs to be solved. Two in fact. During his speech, Sherlock recants the mystery of the “Bloody Guardsman” as well as the “Mayfly Man”, two cases which Sherlock intended at first used to demonstrate how valuable John is a not just as a detective but also as a compassionate human being. However, as the story goes on,  Sherlock beings to see connections with the case and with the people attending Watson’s wedding. So it’s up to Sherlock to solve the case while not ruining his best friend’s big day in the process.

All in all, this episode was incredibly entertaining and very funny and charming. While it’s no nail-biter by any means, it’s still exciting to see how Sherlock manages his case work and the uncomfortable position he is in at mingling with party guests. The Signs of Three helps establish further what fans have already known since episode one: That Sherlock and Watson make an unstoppable pair and no force out there, not even domestic bliss, is going to end their seemingly unbreakable partnership.


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