Nintendo denies rumors on mobile platform games

Nintendo recently announced they would not be making games for mobile platforms, dismissing a rumor that they were considering the move. The rumor began in a newspaper article in The Nikkei saying that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was considering making mobile demo games for the Android as a way to attract new customers. This sparked quite a bit of speculation, as analysts have been calling on Nintendo to release games for other consoles and mobile platforms for well over a year now.

This rumor was fueled by a lackluster profit report released by Nintendo showing that the Wii-U has been dragging down profits for the company. Worse, Nintendo has seen their profits decline consistently for the past three years. So this move was seem as Nintendo making the first steps at adapting to current market and moving away from their exclusive policy for all their games.

As it turns out, Nintendo will be developing demo videos and news blurbs for mobile platforms to help get the word out on their system. Though profits are down, they are clearly confident their current strategy is still workable. Nintendo will have more information on their current and future strategy during their investor conference this coming Thursday.


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