What Nintendo Needs To Do To Survive

Nintendo is in trouble! The world is coming to an end! Everyone hates Nintendo! Oh no! There are riots in the street!

And my god, do I see people throwing advise at them all the time! They need to get out of the console business. They need to walk away from the Wii U and come out with a new console. They need to lower their price. They need to release all their games on mobile devices. They need to release more first party games to attract more attention.

So what could I have to say to add to that?

Nothing except common sense.

In the business world, there is a strange problem of perception. If you say there is a problem, then there is a problem. But is Nintendo truly in trouble? I doubt it. Don’t judge how Nintendo is doing based on how their console sales are doing. Nintendo has a lot more going for it than one console. What do I mean by that?

  • They are still selling the 3DS and the Wii.
  • They are still selling quite a bit of software for the Wii, Wii-U and the 3DS.
  • They own the Pokemon franchise, not to mention plenty of other successful intellectual properties.

While it is possible to say that the Wii-U is in trouble, I do not believe it is reasonable to say that Nintendo is failing. The company is far more than just one console.

So is Nintendo moving to the mobile platform at a means to survive? Kinda. Again, this has to do with perception. I encourage you to take a look at the larger picture and ask yourself why would Nintendo want to expand into the mobile game market? Well, that may be an overstatement. Some rumors talk about Nintendo will only use the mobile game market to help advertise their actual games. And that’s key. Advertise. Branching out into new markets.

A company has to grow and change or die. Adaption is key in a capitalistic system. I suspect Nintendo is adapting to what they believe is the current situation. They are looking into ways to reach out to a customer base. Or maybe they are experimenting with their software to see what could work best on mobile phones (I doubt it, but until Nintendo makes an official announcement, all we have is speculation).

But what does Nintendo need to do to survive? Adapt to the current situation and make plans for the future. They have to accept that the video game market is changing and they have to go with that change. They have a strong base to work from. So if they do not like the results of their current strategy, they can surely adapt to make it work.


2 comments on “What Nintendo Needs To Do To Survive

  1. If they think they can succeed by only go to mobile to attempt to draw people to their hardware they are seriously fooling themselves and by the time they realize they need to fully embrace mobile gaming they’ll already be a thing of the past. They keep living in their own world thinking they know what they’re doing and they keep failing.

    • All depends on how success is defined in this case. I am curious to see if/how their long term goals and strategies will be effected by this move. I figure that if they at least start to adapt to what is going on, they may be on a better path

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