Nintendo Might Be In Trouble

I have to take back something that I put in an earlier post. Before, I argued that Nintendo’s history of greatness was a very strong indicator for their future success. While it cannot be a completely accurate way to estimate future success, it showed that Nintendo understood how the video game console market operated and understood what it took to be successful.

That was until this….


New Super Mario Brothers bombed in Japan. Reports vary with how many copies it sold. The source I trust has it at 101,798 copies sold on the opening week. Worse, the release of the big name game failed to motivate the fan base to run to the stores to purchase a Wii U. Only 20,524 consoles sold in the same week.

In comparison, when the New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii was released, it sold 943,582 copies. 104,193 Wii consoles were sold the same week. If we just focus on the numbers (rather than the ratios), we can see there’s just not as much interest in the Wii U or the new Super Mario Brothers game. And that could be a pretty big problem for Nintendo.


A Mario Brothers game is supposed to be a big deal, especially in Japan. This is Nintendo’s home base. Nintendo really needed a huge shot in the arm to get the buzz going again. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One are already dominating the market. One of the reasons why the Wii U sold poorly was the lack of quality games… and well… this was Nintendo’s chance to regain some lost ground.

And they fell flat.


Maybe it’s too soon to judge the success or failure of New Super Mario Brothers. The sales figures for the opening week was lackluster, but maybe Nintendo can still turn it around. My fingers are crossed. I want to see New Super Mario Brothers create more interest in the Wii U so more competition can be around. Competition brings out the best in all companies, which can only be good for gamers!

Come on Nintendo… do something! If this keeps up, you’ll be left behind like Sega was. Don’t let that happen… please… do something!



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