Dead Rising 2

With Dead Rising 3 on the verge of coming out, I think it would be good to stop and take a look back at the sequel to one of my all time favorite games: Dead Rising 2.


Dead Rising 2 was a financial success, selling over 2.5 million copies between the Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3, It was so successful, Capcom made a reimagined version of the game staring the protagonist of the first game: Frank West (he covered wars, you know). I guess there was a fan outcry for the return of Frank West.


Chuck_Katey_greene dead rising 2

The man in the yellow is the protagonist of Dead Rising 2. His name is Chuck Greene. And yes, he is a father. His daughter, Katey, was bit by her mother when she turned into a zombie. Chuck’s a motorcross racer by trade. The game opens up with Chuck participating in a gameshow called Terror Is Reality, killing zombies for the entertainment of America. He does this to win money to buy zombrex for Katey. The zombrex has to be taken every 24 hours to prevent zombification.

After the show.. all hell breaks loose. No wait.. something happens first!


Chuck sees these two in the hallway, who proceed to insult his masculinity while having a pseudo-incestual hug. I wanted to point them out because they really set the tone for this game. There’s a lot of sexual themes in this game, ranging from the twins there acting very seductive through rescuing half-naked women. Sexuality was always present in the Dead Rising series, but this game takes it into high gear! Take a look at some screen caps for yourself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyways, as I said.. all hell breaks loose. Someone set the zombies loose into the community and Chuck grabbed Katey and ran for the safe house. Turns out, he was framed… accused of setting the zombies free. So now, Chuck has to clear his name and keep his daughter alive. And man… the story has a number of pretty fun twists and turns.

Yes, I liked this game. It was fun.

The gameplay on Dead Rising focuses on fun rather than on horror. It is combat intensive, just like the first game. The player fights zombies, mutated zombies, insane survivors, and the evil humans part of the overarching conspiracy. Dear Rising 2 does something the first game doesn’t do… allowing the players to customize their own weapons.


Maybe beating an insane guy to death with a park bench isn’t your style. Blowing them up with dynamite arrows very well could be. Yes, I did this. And yes, it is as much fun as it looks. There are so many fun weapons to create that, well, I spent hours upon hours just sitting back and finding new and creative ways to kill me some zombies! Electrocuting them. Making flame throwers out of water guns. Oh! And the beer hat. No, I’m not kidding. A freaking beer hat. I can’t wait to cosplay Chuck so I can wear it.. just like this awesome guy!


The game has two endings, which I find sort of neat. There’s ending A, which you get at the end of normal story mode if you did everything. This ending is incomplete, as it shows Chuck almost getting bit by zombies as he is mauled in an elevator. It sets up Case West, where Chuck is saved by Frank West. The other ending, ending S, completes the story within the game and has a fairly satisfying conclusion (saved the damsel in distress and Katey from one of the biggest jerks in the game).

You can find this game for next to nothing at any game store or online. Heck, they were giving it away through the Xbox Marketplace just a month ago. It’s a fun game that’ll give you hours of enjoyment.

The only thing I cannot recommend with the game is the multiplayer. Yes, you can play Terror Is Reality for yourself. The reason why I can’t recommend it is because the people who are still playing the game have been playing it for over a year. They are like super-experts at it. And the learning curve for the games is pretty steep. So you can either lose a lot to other players or just have fun killing zombies… yeah. That’s an easy one!


Enjoy the game! You’ll thank me later!


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