Pokemon X and Y review

Well…. Now its time: Pokemon X and Y Review!

*Insert Pokemon Theme music*

Ehm…. as I was saying: Pokemon X and Y came out a few weeks ago, and I finally got a copy of it via a friend for an early Christmas gift. Very, very nice Christmas gift! Why? Well because this game feels like it is completely revamping Pokemon!

Graphics: Yes, this gets it own little category from me. Why? Well because normally Pokemon has done the whole side scrolling game play.. Very 2-D or a 2-D/3-D combo. No this time it was real 3-D graphics (wither you have the 3-D on your 3DS on or not). And it looks great. It ads an anime style to it, and keeps with the continuity of Pokemon from the original series. All 700+ of them. Only set back on the graphics that I have? The player character looks a little weird to me, just a TINY bit. Its a personal preference though and doesn’t take away from the actual game play.

Storyline: Its very much so designed towards the little ones. Very, very much so. Almost so that its VERY easy to complete. In total it took me 3 days on and off again playing (On lunch breaks and when I got home from work) to complete the story. My BIGGEST issue is that it wasn’t as hard as it used to be, perfect example being the Elite 4. Normally I expect it to take me WEEKS to beat the Elite 4. In all the past games it has, I have had to toil, and level up, and toil some more. This time? I didn’t even have ONE Pokemon faint. And my pals were at the time of level 65. this was a huge disappointment. Why? well because i like the satisfaction of finally beating them after a long hard journey. this felt kind of like… eh.

Role-Playing Aspect: This go around, Game Freak added more of a Role-Play feel to the game. This I actually REALLY liked. Why? Well for starters you ca completely customize your character to make them unique. From the clothing you wear, to the hair color, even eye color. Not only that but your given options of what to say. You can either be a kind of swell guy or kind of a jerk. (Although unlike games like Mass Effect this really doesn’t effect the story)

Fairy Type: This was a huge let down for me. When this game got announced what REALLY caught my attention was the new type. Especially seeing as it changed up the whole Dragon type being invincible thing. But it was not really touched on in the game. there was a gym at the end of the game, and the Elite Four Champion used Fairy types. that’s it. Not one mention of the new Eevee evolution. What was cool is the X Legendary was a fairy type and not only that, its pretty badass if I must say. What they focused more on was the Mega Evolution.

Mega Evolution: Speaking of that, lets touch on this. I am on the fence on this. is an awesome ability. Do not get me wrong. It ROCKS. I mean seriously ROCKS. But it seems a little…unfair unless the person your battling can use it to. You can use it one time per battle but it makes your Pokemon like a demigod and very hard to kill. So while its awesome… I think it needs to be a little more two sided instead of one sided.

I really did like this game, even though I sound very critical of it. I am a player who wants an 100% Pokedex when it comes to Pokemon. Filling that damn Pokedex. So for m, the story being alright at best and mega evolution don’t really take a lot away from the game for me. Really I am more focused on the graphics and Pokemon availability. And just a tiny, little nerdy tidy bit…. when you meet your first Pikachu, turn up your volume. its awesome. And cute.

All in All game gets an 8 of 10….

Gotta Catch ‘Em All! POKEMON!


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