Video Game Review – Silent Hill: Homecoming

The Silent Hill franchise will always hold a special place in my heart. Silent Hill 1 was the first time that I set a controller down and turned off the screen because I couldn’t handle the heartbreaking scene. Silent Hill 3 was an incredible game from beginning to end, filled with so many memories. It was a horror series that captured my attention.  Unfortunately, it’s one of those franchises that has some pretty damn good games, but isn’t exactly a AAA game the developers want to focus on.


When I heard about Silent Hill: Homecoming, I was excited. I didn’t know too much about it, but Konami built up a lot of trust with me over the years. So there was no question in my mind… I was going to get this game.

This was a game based on the movie Silent Hill, which was based on the video game franchise Silent Hill. Yes, that is right. This game is based off of a movie that was based off of a game. The game had a lot of the elements from the movie in it. There were coal fires, the guys wearing those strange coal miner suits, and jerkwads from the Order running around. It’s far more than that. The transition from the normal world into the other world was taken from the movie, from the siren to the pealing away of reality like evanescent paint. The monsters all looked like they were from the movie and moved like it as well.  If the game was some sort of addition to the movie, like the character was in the background, that would have worked perfectly.


The nurse

The Plot:  The player controls a military veteran named Alex Shepherd returning to his home called Shepherd’s Glen. His father, Adam, and brother, Joshua, are missing. His mother, Lillian, is nearly catatonic. Most of the townspeople are missing. The player must explore Shepherd’s Glen, Silent Hill, and the Otherworld in an effort to discover what happened to his brother and uncover strange mysteries about the history of his town.

Alex Shepherd

Alex Shepherd

The plot was a little predictable, but I kind of liked it. It wasn’t really that bad. The hero learned that the founders of Shepherd’s Glen made a pact with The Order (a religious group in Silent Hill), agreeing to sacrifice their first born children to the god The Order worships. Of course, there was the “unexpected plot twist” when you learn Alex was never in the military to begin with. He was wearing his father’s dogtags and jacket. You see, he was locked away in a mental institution after he accidentally caused the death of his younger brother. Oh, there’s more of a twist. Alex was supposed to be the sacrifice to The Order. But with Joseph dead, that really screws up the plans Alex’s parents had.

Everything Else: I wish I could go on and on about the graphics, setting, NPCs, monsters, music, etc… but it’s all based on the movie. If you liked the aesthetics of the movie, you’ll get it in this game.

By ccc7ccc from Deviant Art

By ccc7ccc from Deviant Art

My Problem With The Game

Yeah, I have a problem with the game. It’s freaking fan fiction rather than a true Silent Hill game. The first four Silent Hill games helped create a mythos. The mythos was based on the great pieces of literature, horror movies, and real life murderers. Each game expanded the myth while giving an entirely new (and terrifying) perspective on it. We saw so much effort and love get poured into each game.

Silent Hill: Homecoming did nothing of the sort. It took elements from other Silent Hill games and all the creepy visuals and story background from the Silent Hill movie… and that’s pretty much it. There was nothing new or interesting like in the previous ones.

This wasn’t a bad game. I want to emphasize that. It wasn’t. Hell, I’ll go a step farther. I can understand why people would love this game. The developers did some pretty creative things with it. Unlike the previous incarnations of Silent Hill, the battle mechanics of this one was phenomenal. The set up was intuitive and, well, added a new level of strategy that wasn’t in other games. I didn’t care for it, because I sort of think the protagonist for the game should be completely outclassed and it should be a struggle to survive. But… and I do mean but… I get why other people would love it.


Overall, it wasn’t really that bad of a game. If you see it for a discount, it’s work picking up. That’s my two cents 🙂


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