Three Awesome Legend of Zelda Commercials

Let’s face it, Nintendo had some truly awesome commercials for their Legend of Zelda line. I mean, their commercials can be just as entertaining as their games!

Legend of Zelda 3: A Link to the Past is my all time favorite Zelda game, and this commercial is Legen… wait for it…



First of all, Link’s one hell of a good dancer. I didn’t realize he’s better than me. I mean, much, much better than me. And I didn’t realize that Link looked like a Japanese female.

Second.. whoever was behind this video has never, ever, ever, ever played a Zelda game in his or her life. And that’s freaking funny! I mean, look at the commercial again. There are elements of Legend of Zelda in it. Link has his 360 degree sword attack. Enemies shoot fire. We have Ganon and Zelda. Zelda’s captured, sort of like in the game. Sorta. Kinda. I mean, Zelda was in a jail cell for a moment.

Third. After watching that video, all I could do was scratch my head and ask myself what the hell did I just watch. So I watched it again. And again. And again. And again.

And again.


The next commercial comes from my childhood

That goddamn rap is still stuck in my head after 20+ years of hearing it last. It’ll probably be stuck there for about another 50+ years. F**k you, Nintendo for doing a whiteboy rap that’s so catchy. “It’s the Legend of Zelda and it is really rad.. the creatures of Ganon are pretty bad..”


Take a look at the commercial. I mean, take a good look at that geeky white boy in it.


I have never, in my entire life, wanted to give an atomic wedgie to someone more in my entire life than I do to that dork.


The last Zelda commercial is for what has to be the most difficult Zelda game of all time.. Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.  This game holds the singular distinction of being the ONLY NES game that I own that I have never beat.

Every time I watch this commercial, I get the sense that Link’s alone in his quest. His constant screaming of Zelda amplifies it, for some reason.. all the way to that idiotic ending of an actor standing in front of the 8-bit unconscious Zelda. It kinda ruined the feel of it all for me. But before that, when the wizard said “I cannot help you”, and Link running around, desperately searching for something… it captured me.

This one doesn’t have catchy music like the other two. But that’s cool. This one has good atmosphere to make up for it. And yes, I’ve heard Link shouting “Zelda!” for like 20+ years. When I try to play any Legend of Zelda game, I can hear Link in the back of my mind. Gotta say, the commercial worked.

There are so many other great ones. But for now, I just want to stick with the three.


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