Will BioWare Die?

I had a chance to read through an interesting thread on the website Hold The Line which explored the question used as the title for this post. The creator of the thread, iggy456, felt that the BioWare brand is tarnished and will die off in a few years. It’s an interesting question. Video game companies die all the time. Will the same thing happen to BioWare?


I don’t know. I don’t know how they are doing financially. If a company isn’t doing well financially, chances are, they will go out of business pretty quickly. BioWare’s finances aren’t exactly public knowledge, so trying to figure out if they will live or die based on their finances would be difficult. There are other ways to approach this, however. I know EA purchased them a few years ago. So if they live or die…. it’s EA’s call.

So, let’s play pretend for a moment. Let’s pretend we own EA. What reasons would we have to close BioWare? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. But keep your fan-tendencies in check for now and think like a business person. You would only let BioWare live if they could make you money. If they are costing you money, you close them. The best way to figure out if they can make you money is by looking at how their games have sold so far.

The data is taken from vgchartz.com.

If I were EA, I’d look at the numbers and be pretty happy with BioWare. The bread and butter games for EA comes from their EA Sports line: Madden and the like. These games can sell around 4 million copies each. Since 2009, when EA purchased the company, BioWare has created games that consistently sold over 2 million copies. That seems like a good benchmark for a company to reach. And considering their worst selling game was rushed to distribution (Dragon Age II), it seems like BioWare games sell fairly well.

Some of those numbers may be a bit deceiving, like with Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 sold less than 3 million copies on the Xbox 360 and less than 2 million on the Playstation 3. Sales were abysmal on the Wii U, though most games sales are terrible on that system. Though the games did average at best on individual systems… taken together… we get higher numbers. Will this make EA see BioWare any differently? Doubtful. If I were EA, I’d be quite happy with those numbers.

Will BioWare die? Eventually. Every company will eventually go under. Will they die in the near future? I’m going to say no. The next BioWare game will come out in 2014. They are going back to what made them successful in the first place (expansive worlds, choices that matter in the development of the story, great gameplay) and moving away from their artistic integrity bullsh*t (they are showing they listened to fan feedback/criticisms on Dragon Age II). As long as the sales for Dragon Age III can match the sales for their other hit games… over 4 million copies sold… then BioWare should be fine for the immediate future.


One comment on “Will BioWare Die?

  1. Seeing this and then looking forward, makes me smile. Bioware are gone, they used up the last ounce of their goody-goody fan fiction loving creativity with Dragon Age Inquisition, now they subsist purely through DLC.

    They can’t do decent graphics to match the current level, their Bioware character chart is overused to hell and back, and the swords and science worlds have both been tapped completely. They’ll try and keep rebooting old series instead of creating anything new until that runs out, then they’ll put a last dying gasp into a “new” game which will be the same turd in a different wrapping, and then have a death rattle and finally die.

    Sad thing is all the goody-goody fan fictioneers will likely move into another company and infest that, like Bethesda or Lionhead.

    Really the only good thing about Bioware is they made games that have the potential to last more than four hours, they at least tried to make games linked by reading saves from previous games, and they produced (or more likely, rented) decent music that fit in perfectly well. That, and they hired very good PR staff that can easily devalue any argument on the contrary regardless of whether it is actually valid or not – and allowing the Biotard fans to latch onto it and act like it’s the current second coming of Christ.

    They’ve cut too many corners, upset too many fans and created too many black marks to ever be free from the taint. They can only resurface as something new – the old is already dying from a mortal wound, a cancer that will spread and destroy the original, pure form of RPG.

    Also, EA, which is a form of super cancer that everyone already knows about so there’s no need to get into it.

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