Go, Go Power Rangers… in Space

Hey Everyone, LeifofRohan3891 reporting for duty and yes…. Power Rangers. Yes. I’m writing a blog about… Power Rangers. What pray tell could inspire a blog about Power Rangers? Because I was randomly surfing the YouTube and got to watching Power Rangers in Space.
So what is so good, even being a young adult, about Power Rangers? Honestly, I can’t really put my finger on it. All I can tell you is, that yes while its corny, and its defiantly a kids show: Its still damn good.
Power Rangers in Space was my first show of Power Rangers. I got into the series waaaaayy late compared to a lot of my friends on this. But guess what? It was damn awesome. It had two girls, that kicked butt and had a significance to the story. And to a young girl growing up and being a total tomboy: This was awesome. It added positive role models (and an inspiration to learn some kind of self defense)

**Spoilers for Series Start here**

What also, after going back to the previous seasons, Power Rangers in Space had was a fantastically written story for a kids show. You have the Red Ranger: Andros, looking to save Zordon and also find his long lost sister. Now as an adult, I can totally now see how easy it was to see it coming that the main villain, Astronima, was Andros’s sister. But as a kid? Nope. It added a huge twist and makes you think “Does she choose to be evil or is she born evil?” Also adding the hint of a love story between Andros and the yellow ranger, Ashley? Awesome.

What makes Power Rangers in Space interesting is because it was supposed to be the last season. Power Rangers: Turbo didn’t do well with the ratings. It actually is the most unpopular Power Rangers season. So because of that, the producers were told that this was the last season. So they pulled out all the stops. And it shows. And it showed so much that, when you think about it, Power Rangers in Space saved the series.

Power Rangers in Space also brought something, that before hand, was new to the series: The Psycho Rangers. AKA Monsters in Ranger suits. But dang: These guys were freaking TOUGH. At first they learn the rangers moves and identities, making sure that they will be able to defeat them. But, because our hero’s can be down but not out: They eventually defeat the Psycho rangers, turning them into data cards. (And creating an epic plot device for the next season Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy)

The rangers for In Space are 4/6 from Turbo. It added an already established characterization and helped tell the story of Andros and eventually the Silver Ranger and Andros best friend: Zane’s. Zane’s a pretty interesting character. He is cocky, and hints at being a bit of a play boy. But he added a lot of good story telling and a new character into the mix.
Now my only problem with this series, is very small but its at the END of the series, at the final episodes last minutes. To summarize: Astronima attacks earth. Andros and the Rangers are defeated. While planning their next move, Andros leaves and sneaks on Astronima’s ship. At this point in the story, Astronima has been brainwashed into being “pure evil” and attacks Andros, all in front of the… dun dun dun kidnapped Zordon, the leader of all that is good and just. After a fight, Andros is asked by Zordon to destroy him, and eliminating all evil. Astronima attacks him again and after deflecting a hit, Astronima falls apparently dead. Andros then destroys Zordons energy tube and lands the ship. And heres what bugged me: Andros’s carries Astronima’s body outside and brings her back to life with…. his tears. While that is a great notion, I, even as a kid had a hard time liking it. It would make more sense that Zordon’s energy wave revived her. But it was my only real issue with the series and its not a bad ending to a kid show series either.

**Spoilers End Here**

Power Rangers may be considered a kid show, and in recent years, acting wise, gotten a little to childish and in my opinion: Stupid. The original series’s that came out were actually pretty good and are worth a nostalgia watch. (I would say YouTube, as in Space is ONLY available on a Region 2 DVD aka Europe)


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