Comic Book Movie News

This is your comic book movie news for the week of August 27th, 2013.

Ben Affleck’s the new Batman

It was announced recently that Ben Affleck was selected as the next actor to play Batman. He’ll take up the bat-mantle in the next Man of Steel movie. It’s interesting that he will not be appearing in a Batman movie, but rather a Superman movie.

8k6amXmK3This decision was met with strong reactions ranging from over 75,000 signatures for a petition demanding his removal to praise for a proven actor to take on the role. Press Start To Begin finds it curious that an actor was selected that is generating this sort of reaction. It helps create buzz and word of mouth for a movie that’s still in pre-production. While we do not pass judgment on Affleck’s acting abilities, there is a possibility this is done with the intention of getting people talking about and invested in the next Man of Steel movie.

Fun side-note. Joss Whedon likes the choice.


The Main Villain for Guardians of the Galaxy is……

Ronan The Accuser played by Lee Pace. Ronan is a Kree. In Marvel comics, the Kree were enemies of the Skrulls (called the Chitauri in the Ultimate Marvel line) and could be the link between the Avengers movie and this one.


Thanos will make his presence known in the movie, according to Kevin Feige. Though many were shocked and disappointed to hear that Thanos was not to be the main villain in Avengers 2 (Ultron gets that honor) as welll as in Guardians of the Galaxy, it is possible that all of this is a slow build to make Thanos that much more of a dangerous villain.

A Spawn Movie?

Todd McFarlane claims he is currently writing a script for a new Spawn movie. The new movie is supposed to be a reboot rather than a sequel to the 1997 movie.

Spawn did have a popular cartoon series in the late 90s. Can Todd McFarlane deliver a hit more than 15 years after his creation was in the public eye? Or is McFarlane a decade too late with this movie?



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