Fable 3: Saving Albion One Pie at a Time

A few posts back, Michael Zack posted a blog on Fable 3. While he had posted this, I myself had been re-doing a play through of Fable 3 myself, mostly because I had gotten inspired to play it again.

Now? Why the title of “Fable 3: Saving Albion One Pie at a Time”? Because honestly, thats what I did. *Spoiler* There is a point in the game, after you have done what was set out to be done, where you need to raise gold for the land. Well, yes I played the property game but I got bored with that so I made pies. Lots and lots of pies. And being a level 5 pie maker…. it made the time go a lot faster. *Spoiler End*

Fable 3 takes you back to Albion for the first time as a fully voice character. I actually liked this. Why? Because it added some really good depth to the character. At the end of the game, the voice does still sound a little to innocent and young to me, which was a little frustrating but otherwise it was a nice addition to a Fable game.
Combat wise this game was really smooth in my opinion. I liked how easily I could pull out my rifle/pistol and then in a few seconds pull out my sword if needed. It was a smooth transition and helped me in combat real easily. I am not a real fan of magic, so I will be honest and admit that I hardly ever use the gauntlet. When I had to in the beginning it was not that hard to use and easy to understand.

Storyline wise it was really intense. Especially when you land in Aurora, yes it has its light moments but I do really feel that this is the darker of the Fable games. Why? Because of the Darkness. The Darkness was one of the more unexpected villains in the Fable game that I have ever encountered. Jack of Blades was very predictable, although vastly evil. Lucien was a bit of a disappointment and a let down. Fable 3 brought two villains to the mix. The villain you think that your fighting is Logan. But, when you crash and go through a creepy cave you find out the true villain: The Darkness. The Darkness was not something I expected. It was dark, it was I mean, REALLY dark. It added a really mortal edge to the game. it added a twist that really made me go “whoa”.

Something I do have a minor complaint on this game, however, is: The Lack of Theresa. Why? Cause she tied the games together. And while I can tell that the developers knew that, hence her being on the Road to Rule, I still wish there would have been more of her. Maybe some DLC or something. I always thought that she was an awesome character and since she is the original Teresa from the first Fable, it would have been nice if we would have had more of her.

All in All, Fable 3, while its not perfect, is a pretty decent game. While it doesn’t really feel like a “true” RPG its still a good game.


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