GenCon 2013

panel_title-4e6f320b47bea9fe352538c1dac282deAnother GenCon’s come and gone for me. I started attending back in 1999. And except for 2007, I’ve been to every single GenCon since then. So this GenCon was my 14th GenCon. I remember when it was still in Milwaukee. Heck, I remember the awesomeness of the Ravenloft Play. For those of you who haven’t experienced it, the Ravenloft Play used to consist of a group of writers and gamers who wrote up whimsical performances using the Ravenloft setting. They really were something great to see. When I first watched it, it was a musical. Strahd sung “O Barovia” and it was just about as awesome as it sounds.

GenCon’s changed a lot over the years. But one thing it is about is everything that this blog site’s about as well: nerd culture. It represents the best four days in gaming. So… what can I share about my experiences about this year’s GenCon? What made this unique and special?

The women fought over me!

The women fought over me!

It’s hard to say what made this year’s GenCon so special. I mean…. everyone there was super friendly!

Ouch! My face! I needed that to be handsome!

Ouch! My face! I needed that to be handsome!

You’ll never meet a more polite bunch of people than the gamers who go to GenCon.



There was a strange lack of zombies this year, though. It’s a shame since they seemed to be everywhere. There was a zombie walk event… ever see a horde of zombies heading down the hallway? It’s awesomely creepy. I wonder why they weren’t around?

The zombies at GenCon got Daryled.

Zombies got Daryled

I did get to meet a bunch of heroes and villains. Red Skull was such a nice guy! Completely misunderstood.



And the Comedian. He was so funny! Though I didn’t get his jokes… and he was the one laughing while pointing weapons at me…. hmm…. well, at least someone was laughing, right?

Oh come on! That's just not fair

Oh come on! That’s just not fair

Rogue was a great lady. We talked for awhile. She seemed interested in finding out if I had any superpowers. She wouldn’t take “oh dear god, don’t touch me” for an answer. It must be a cultural thing.



And there was a Dalek there. Can you believe it? It only slightly disintegrated me from existence. Very polite of it.

I.... may be in trouble

I…. may be in trouble

Fortunately for me, that’s when the Prince of All Saiyans appeared to save me.  I suppose standing there and laughing at me is a type of saving as I was able to get away. Thanks Vegeta!

I'm going to pay that Dalek.... what do you call it... a beating. I'm going to pay it a beating

I’m going to pay that Dalek…. what do you call it? A beating. I’m going to pay it a beating

There’s never a shortage of superheroes to help. So just in case, I went to Robin for help!

Goddammit Robin! Can't you go 5 seconds without another villain beating you up?

Goddammit Robin! Can’t you go 5 seconds without another villain beating you up?

There was so much to see and do there. The one thing I cannot emphasize enough is how friendly everyone is at GenCon.  I’ve heard so many great stories of generosity. My experiences consisted of people buying me beer. But the generosity’s so well known and prevalent that a documentary was shot on it called Hobocon where two men lived off the kindness of strangers. And they were not disappointed.

Yes, I’m mostly kidding. GenCon brings out the excited kid in me. It’s like one huge playground where there’s so much to do and see. Even after 14 great years, there’s always something that brings a smile to my face. Let me share more of my memories:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Maybe you’ll have a chance to make it to GenCon. I highly recommend it. There’s something there for everyone. Video games, card games, movies, anime, board games, talent shows, cosplaying, miniature painting, tabletop RPGs, LARPing, meeting celebrities, meeting webcomic creators, dancing, music, Klingons… the list goes on.

See you there!


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