Why do I love GenCon?

Right now, I’m at the Crowne Plaza hotel, inside the Pullman’s Sports Bar. It’s not that crowded in here unfortunately. I was hoping to be able to meet a few gamers here. Well, maybe I’ll have a chance once I’m done writing this.



Yeah, that’s me. Wearing my favorite Superman shirt. And yep, that’s dice necklaces. Shame I couldn’t get a good picture with my hands since I’m wearing Green and Blue Lantern rings. In front of me, besides my laptop that I purchased last year, is the GenCon booklet.



I have that with me so I can figure out where I’m headed to tonight. I know there’s a movie that’s debuting somewhere in the convention center. I may check it out, if I can figure out where it is or what it is called. I could go watch anime. That could be fun. There’s also a video game room I haven’t found yet. Or I could just wander around and see what catches my eye.

Ah GenCon. You are a convention like no other. I can play virtually every tabletop RPG ever made, any board game I may desire, a plethora of video games, every single card game in existence, watch anime, enjoy movies made by independent film makers that are actually pretty good, thousands of friendly people to talk to, a business community falling head-over-heels to make every gamer happy… and the icing on the cake… the weather is perfect.

Oh wow. I just turned around and saw like ten people wearing costumes. I wish I could take a picture of it, but the sunlight is making the picture end up mostly in shadows. It’s not too big of a deal. That’s a common occurrence here at GenCon.

Finding Waldo is also a fairly common occurrence

Finding Waldo is also a fairly common occurrence

Why do I love GenCon?

I think that question is pretty relevant to me, considering I’m here at GenCon right now. For those of us who have been to conventions, that’s a silly question. We all have conventions that are ‘ours.’ Conventions we consider to be our heart. Our home. GenCon is that convention for me.

I love tabletop RPGs like Rifts, Amber, AD&D 2nd edition, Feng Shui, and a few others. GenCon’s the place I can go to meet the game creators and meet hundreds of like-minded fans. With my first trip to GenCon, I met one of my gaming heroes: Erick Wujcik.  He wrote the Amber Diceless RPG back in the late 1980s. It’s grown to have a small cult following (which I am a part of). I wasn’t sure what to expect when I met him. Words cannot properly describe what it was like. He was a very busy man, but he took the time to talk with me and share his love of Amber. It was clear to me that he made the game as an expression of love rather than for profit motives. That’s the Erick I remember and will always remember.

Yeah, I miss Erick. He died of cancer a few years back. I still have his autograph (he said my name was cool) and no… no cannot have it. It’s mine.

Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine….  my precioussssssss…..


I went off track there.

Oh wait. No I didn’t.

Why do I love GenCon? I can enjoy nerd culture here in all its glorious aspect. Every year, I find something new. Something fun. Heck, maybe something familiar. I can still meet the people who help sculpt the very culture I enjoy on a daily basis and thank them for doing so.

Or maybe I can just do this:



In the end, it’s about having fun. And GenCon’s a place where I can do that.


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