ME3: Citadel DLC

When the Citadel DLC got released for Mass Effect 3, of course there was mixed fan-reaction. On the one hand ,you had the fans who were excited for the DLC, ending or no, who wanted just to play a new part of the game. On the other hand, there was the fans who felt that downloading and playing or buying anything BioWare made was disloyal to the cause of getting a new ending.
I ended up playing the Citadel DLC the day it came out. Despite my feeling on the ending of Mass Effect 3, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Did it live up to what some fans called “pandering to fans”? Oh god yes. But it also was fun, funny and defiantly added some closure to characters and the game. My only wish? That this was Post-Ending closure instead of final game DLC closure.

The Setting: Your on the Citadel, routine Normandy retro fit, and your get a sweet new pad from your pal Anderson. I explored that place to ever nook and cranny before I even STARTED the story. I listened to every single one of the journal entries by Anderson, I explored all the little Easter eggs in the apartment. The setting for this little tid bit of Mass Effect 3’s story is much more light hearted than the rest of the story. Hence my feeling that its better AFTER a new ending than before it. But hey, its still good dlc and writing.  The only downside of this setting? Well, its a little to light hearted for the point it starts in the story. I have always felt that this DLC is that its great, but its it own game. Its closure DLC in my optinion, best suited for AFTER the main game. I really cannot state this enough. Its great but not set in the right part of the story.
Story: The story to this game is two fold. You have classic DLC, where there is a mission, and a definitive ending to the “story” of the DLC. However, after the main story ( i shall not spoil for anyone who has not yet looked/played) You have the opportunity to spend time with your squad mates. To get closure. It adds some hilarious moments. Including, Grunt getting into a spot of trouble, Joker telling an interesting story, and for the FemShep/Garrus fans, a dance scene. There is more to it, but I don’t want to spoil everything.
Music: The music to the DLC, is of course, fantastic. Just like Mass Effect 3, its not the same composer as the first two games. But the score is still fantastic. It adds the right emtions to the scenes but also keeps it up beat and keeps with the up beat theme of the DLC.
My Personal Opinion of the Controversy: When this DLC came out on March 6th, this was a huge deal to all the Mass Effect 3 fans. Weither they be Retakers, or just fans. But not only that, there was a… divide growing in the Retake Mass Effect 3 community. Those who bought and liked the DLC, despite there feelings on the endings. And those who refused to buy anything Bioware produced. Weither it be DLC, music, collectables. Anything. Either way, we are all entitled to our opinions. Its obvious where I stood in my personal one. However, the issue came about that one side got very…. offended, that the other side didn’t agree with them. Weither you would rather “Hold the Wallet” or simply say “I want a new ending, but I will enjoy the fandom” it doesn’t matter. The mutal thing was we all carred about Mass Effect as a whole. And to be honest, at that point, it seemed to have been forgotten. At that point, was when a few people left the Retake movement all together. Or moved on to greater and better things.
All in All, the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3 was fantastic. I would only say that this needs to be after the game ends. Not during the actual game. Personally, as a fan of the Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod, I would LOVE this to be after the Mod ends. Just saying…..


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