Fable III

So I started replaying Fable III. It was sorta on a whim. I was talking with one of the writers for this site, ryokometal75, about the game and how it had an online feature. Neither of us really played through it using that feature, so we figured ‘what the hell, why not?’

And so, we played Fable III.

fable_3_main_artworkFable III was released in October of 2010, so it’s three years old by the time me and Ryokometal75 played it together. So it does have some serious issues. It froze up on me more than once. There were strange glitches that showed characters floating rather than walking, making playing the game freaking surreal. Sometimes, subquests didn’t let me go forward because something didn’t load right.  So… yeah. There are bugs and glitches that haven’t been fixed. And given the age of the game, these bugs will never be fixed.

Despite that… IT WAS AWESOME!

There’s a good reason why Fable III sold very close to five million copies. It’s fun. Despite its age, it is a hell of a lot of fun.

fable-iii_banner3-70712-fullYeah, yeah, yeah. Angry Joe hated the game. You can name the video game critics who loved the game on one hand. So… I’m not going to try to disagree with them. The game did have its problems. It also didn’t play like a Fable game normally does play. We had a lot of voice acting. The ‘hero’ had a personality of his/her own, making him/her independent of the player’s control in a real way. In Fable and Fable II, the hero did not have his/her own voice. He/She was mute, as he/she was only an avatar of the player. So for the players that were expecting a ‘Fable’ experience, I get why they were disappointed. It definitely had some differences.

So, why do I love it so much? Lots of reasons. The one that’s salient to this review is my playthrough with Ryokometal75. It was silly-fun. When we started playing through, we got married almost immediately and had a kid.  We laughed about it for close to an hour or two. It was silly fun.

But when we played through it together… oh man… it was something else entirely!


We were able to play through a number of adventures together. It didn’t matter if we were wearing headsets and talking or just playing through and chatting through facebook. We were watching each other’s backs through it all. When Lucien had us go through the battle arena, we watched each other’s backs. When Ryokometal75 was overwhelmed, I came in to save my ‘woman.’ And when I was getting womped by pretty much every enemy in existence, she came in to rescue her ‘man.’

Good times. Good times.

We had the most fun when we were stranded on an island with our faithful knight and friend: Walter. In what was clearly the dumbest idea in video game history, Walter opened up a magically sealed portal not once, but twice.. Ryokometal75 and I were laughing about it because it was clearly a set up to something horrible. And yes, we both played the game and knew what was coming. Despite it, it still scared the hell out of both of us. The Darkness was an inspired creation.

Walter, meet you're f**ked. You're f**ked, meet Walter.

Walter, meet you’re f**ked. You’re f**ked, meet Walter.

There’s no way to do the Darkness justice. No video can capture it. It’s something that has to be experienced. One minute, I’m laughing and playing with Ryokometal75, defeating bad guys and preparing to leave a revolt against my idiot tyrant brother. Next thing I know, there were whispers… threatening whispers. And seemingly endless waves of enemies like I’ve never seen in the game. It was like this Darkness wanted to destroy everything, including all the evil I’ve already encountered in the game. This was evil on a scale that neither me nor Ryokometal75 have experienced in the game.

Ryokometal75 and I fought tooth and nail, trying to keep Walter alive while the Darkness attacked us. It didn’t just send strange creatures after us. It taunted us mercilessly. Promising to kill us, over and over again. And it never felt like it was repeating itself. Each threat felt fresh and genuine. For some reason, having Ryokometal75 made it all the more frightening, as I wanted to protect her and I figured she wanted to protect me as well.

Fable3-Aurora-walter-consumedbydarknessThe Darkness had Walter trapped. Look at him. It was consuming him and there was nothing we could do to free him. Nothing at all. He looked like he was in such agony. So the Darkness taunted us with it, demonstrating our helplessness. Hell, I got the feeling after defeating what seemed like 100 waves of enemies that it was going easy on us. That our wills weren’t broken yet. Ryokometal75 and I carried on, taking Walter from the hell he condemned us to and exited into an unforgiving desert.

We couldn’t take Walter any further. He insisted on us leaving him there in the desert so we could go get help. The Darkness didn’t let us forget about it. It showed us images of Walter being slaughtered by horrors. We saw Walter crying out for help, condemning us for abandoning him. Man, it was rough. All the while, Ryokometal75 and I talked through our headsets… comparing notes… trying our best to continue going on.

The experience reminded me of the old days of the Super Nintendo. I used to play Super Mario Kart for days on end against my best friend. Playing with Ryokometal75 brought back those old, great memories and feelings. We fought side by side, back to back, for a common goal. And we did it for fun.

So give Fable III a try. Play it with your friends. I hope you have the same experience me and Ryokometal75 had.

I’m sure she has her own take on what happened and I can’t wait to read it 🙂



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