Video Game News: 8-7-2013

Video-Game-NewsThis is your video game news brief for 8/7/2013

  1. BioWare finally released details for their most anticipated game of 2013: Dragon Age 3. The interview emphasized BioWare taking player feedback into account when designing every aspect of the game, hinting their marketing department is still worried about the fallout from the Mass Effect 3 ending.
  2. Pat Robertson, when answering a viewer’s e-mail, argued that sinning in a video game (like murder, theft, etc) was the same as doing the actions in real life.
  3. The August 2013 issue of Pediatrics published a study showing children with AD&D and autism are at a higher risk of video game addition.
  4. Robin Antonick won $11 million dollars in a lawsuit against EA Sports. Antonick, creator and original programmer for Madden, sued for damages, as he did not receive royalties that he was due. This part of the lawsuit covers between 1990 – 1996. For post-1996, it is possible for Antonick to win hundreds of millions of dollars.
  5. Four new skins were announced for Batman: Arkham Origins –  Long Halloween, Earth 2, Thrillkiller, and Dark Knight of the Roundtable.
  6. The Senate is considering a bill to fund research on the effects of violence in video games on children. This bill is called Violent Content Research Act of 2013.



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