Fable 2: The Single Worst Ending of the 7th Generation

There have been some truly terrible endings in the 7th generation of gaming. Mass Effect 3’s ending was so awful, a significant number of BioWare’s fanbase rose up to protest it. Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas had a “To Be Continued” statement for the ending. They didn’t give gamers a complete game! Dragon Age 2 had the hero fail to stop a civil war that will, guaranteed, kill hundreds of thousands of people. The ending felt incomplete.

fable2And I am saying that this game’s ending has them all beat, hands down. I don’t think it was even close. The ending to this game had to have been written by someone who had nothing to do with the rest of the game.

Let me introduce you to the central antagonist.

Lord Lucian

Lord Lucian when he kills your sister

Meet Lord Lucian. He was the Lord of Bowerstone…. a huge castle. The hero and his sister, Rose, were homeless. They managed to acquire a magic music box. Rose made a wish to live in Bowerstone. Later that evening, Rose and the hero were taken to Bowerstone under the pretense of talking with Lord Lucian. He offered to let them live there. Sadly, no more than one minute later… Lucian shot and killed Rose right in front of the hero then proceeded to shoot the hero, nearly killing him.

So Lucian killed the hero’s sister RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. That should be reason enough to want to get him: revenge. Through the game, we learn that Lucian is re-awakening lost magics and was acquiring unlimited power to re-write reality by restoring a mystical tower. This guy has a lot of resources available. Lucian even managed to capture the hero (though he didn’t realize it) and enslaved him for years! Years! The hero’s fairly powerful, yet he was helpless against Lucian.

Lucian has resources. He has power.


Lord Lucian when he shoots and kills you

At the end of the game, the hero manages to gather three other heroes. So naturally, you go to some mystical place and do mystical stuff of mysticism. Their real purpose doesn’t matter because Lucian shows up and shoots the hero in the face. With a gun. Not only that….. he kills my dog, kids, and wives. This guy is one evil dude. I suspect he kicked the hero in the balls while he was dying.

I think the ending started at this point. The hero woke up with Rose.

It’s an idyllic scene. The hero (who she affectionately calls sparrow) has a chance to spend time with his sister. It turns out it is a test. When he leaves her (I really didn’t want to leave her, she was pleading with me… not wanting to be alone), he reacquired the music box from the very beginning. So I figured I would somehow use the music box to free the three other heroes and then engage him in a magical duel that would reshape the face of the planet.

Or….. that….

Let me recap what happened in that video. That truly epic boss fight.

  • Hero walks up.
  • Hero uses the music box to free his allies.
  • Lucian taunts hero.
  • Hero kills Lucian in one hit. It doesn’t matter if the hero uses his sword, gun, or magic. If the player hits a button, Lucian dies.
  • If the hero doesn’t do anything and just stands there, one of the freed allies will kill him.
  • So the player can hit a button or not. It doesn’t matter. Lucian dies.
  • Creepy lady tells hero he can have one of three wishes…..

And this is the part I truly hate. I was reminded of Rose’s death. Hell, her ghost encouraged me to trust creepy lady. With her death so fresh in my mind, her resurrection should have been one of the choices. But was it? Nope. Here’s the three wishes.

  • Resurrect everyone who died rebuilding the magical tower of mystical magicness.
  • Resurrect the hero’s families, dog, and get his balls unkicked.
  • Get a million gold.

So….. Rose doesn’t get resurrected. I get why the first two options are there and all…. but that third option should have been Rose’s resurrection. Or there should have been a fourth option including Rose. Why highlight such a terrible loss, reveal a life that could have been…. only to ignore it soon after?

Why do I feel Fable 2 has the single worst ending of a game for the entire 7th generation of gaming?

  • The ‘end fight’ that was building from the beginning was so anticlimactic, it’s pathetic.
  • The choices didn’t include a choice which would have made sense.

It did far more than fall flat. It did far more than fail to live up to the expectations that was laid out in the game itself. It was boring. Dull. Uninspired. Lazy. A waste of time. An ending like that doesn’t belong in an adventure fantasy game. It didn’t resolve any conflict. The hero didn’t avenge his sister’s grizzly murder. He gunned down a helpless man. That’s REAL heroic there, right?


No fight. No end battle. No conflict at all. The ending just…. just happens. The hero happens to be there. Close to 50 hours of being a hero….conquering challenges, and everything else…. and that’s what we get?

Check it out for yourself. I’m sure you have your own opinion of what the worst ending is…. thanks for reading mine.


3 comments on “Fable 2: The Single Worst Ending of the 7th Generation

  1. I personally disagree. I found Fable II’s ending to be quite clever, if a little poorly done. It served well to highlight Lucien’s flaws as a villain: that he’s not some all-powerful supervillain, but really just an arrogant prick foolish enough to get caught monologuing. Yes, he pulls off some nasty moves throughout the game, but they all rely on the exploitation of others and not really his own power as an individual. In the end, it humanizes him by showing that he was no greater than anyone else in spite of all his lecturing and arrogance.

    As for the wish options, I choose to Headcanon that as Theresa manipulating the hero. Offering them a prize but nothing so grand as to actually make the hero truly happy. All throughout the game, there are hints that she is hiding something, and in the end, it turns out she is: she wants the tower. The hero, however, is foolish enough to help her get it, and knowing that, with it, they could never defeat her directly, they choose to accept the offer, at least for the time being.

  2. Though I do agree that Fable 2 is a bad ending both mechanically and in narrative I do not agree that it is the worst ending of the generation. I have 3 reasons (pure coincidence not intentional) why ME3 is still the worse ending of the generation in comparison to Fable 2; 1) The 3 choices. Both games offer three choices at the end however fable’s choices are a reward and ME3’s are the “battle”. Two of the 3 Fable choices are for the most part heroic, restoring the lives of Lucian’s victims at the tower, restoring your own family (though with this being the option I would have liked it if you family and dog played a bigger role in the game as a whole) and of course the gold. I always felt the gold choice was pathetic not just greedy but the other two actually gave me a moment of pause. For me choosing the life of millions over your own is by definition heroic. However my personal feeling is family always comes first love for your family means sacrifice and I had to consider would I sacrifice my own family for the millions of strangers or vice versa. I do not feel either is wrong. Choosing any amount of money over the other two however makes you despicable and an even greater villain. I would have prefered if one ending was resurrect your sister. What a conundrum that would have been. Millions, family, or sister. All of Mass Effect 3’s choices, as I and many others have said in the Retake movement, make you the villain. The choices aren’t the reward for killing the final boss, the choices are the final boss and no matter what you choose you either change, redefine or destroy countless lives in the galaxy. The EC does not fix anything is explains laughably the choices and refuse is the middle finger to anyone who disagrees.
    2) Fable 2’s ending never breaks its own rules. Mass Effect 3’s does. Fable 2 though I feel is the best in the trilogy is not a great game overall. If I had to compare the entire trilogy to Mass Effect Mass Effect comes out on top every time. However Fable 2 had established from the prologue that the hero’s goal was to avenge his sister. You find out through out that your destiny is greater being one of the mystical and vague Heores of Fable’s lore but his own goal was always revenge. And he accomplishes that. In the lamest way possible but the story moves you to that and then you do it. You kill the man who killed your sister, dog and shot you twice regardless of the rest of the story. I can respect that. Mass Effect 3 completely changes horses midstream then tells you to go down another adjacent stream. Cerberus suddenly becoming a bigger threat than the Reapers, Shepard suddenly torn up over one anonymous boy’s death instead of the hundred of fellow soldiers and his close friends that died before and after the boy. The Reapers suddenly becoming tools instead of the actual threat. The simple external conflict of us vs them becoming us vs them vs us to keep us vs other them(s) from destroying us.
    3) The promise. Peter Molyneaux (I think I spelled that right) grandstanded and promised an epic journey that fell flat. Bioware from ME1 promised a never before seen journey where your choices mattered throughout the entire trilogy. We all know the illusion of choice is all we got in ME1 & 2 but in 3 they pull the blindfold off and laugh saying nothing you did means squat. Then in the following 12 months they allowed their PR department and development staff to fight their most dedicated fans virtually destroying any good name they had left.
    This last point had nothing to do with the ending per se however if Peter(prick that he is) came out with Fable 4 I would consider it at least (even after I bought the atrocious Fable 3). But when Bioware releases their next Mass Effect I will be experiencing it only through Youtube and what other gamers share, at most I will borrow it or buy it at a severely reduced price ($10 or less). For me that makes Mass Effect 3 the worse ending of the 7th generation.

  3. I actually loved that you had the choice to choose money – it made sense if you had played a greedy, corrupt, absolute bastard, you would have a choice that is pure greed and bastardry. (Of course, being a completionist I always chose family, because I needed the dog to finish off the game, but that’s neither here nor there.)

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