Joker Rising: A Fanfilm of Epic Proportions

I enjoy many fan made videos, typically found on YouTube. But every once and a while something really spectacular stands out that needs a little bit of an extra light shone on it.

This case being a new Fan Film released on July 22nd of this year called “Joker Rising”.

Typically when someone says Fan Film the first thing that comes to mind is, cheap costumes or a Halloween costumes that look tacky and don’t add to anything. Make up and costume wise this fan film really out did itself. Especially with a certain character and the budget that they had, which after reading in the YouTube comments was 3 grand.

Another thing about this, that for a fan film was excellent was the musical scheme and the way they put in musical lyrics and the actual score. It was done fantastically. On top of that, the editing for the film was almost perfection. I say almost because of course, nothing is perfect. Some of the editing or color scheming was a bit off. As with the lighting. But always have to remember, its a fan film. And At the end of the day, when its something as well done as this, little things like that can be overlooked.

Acting wise… my god. Fantastic. Especially the two main characters. I won’t spoil anything from this film, I want people to check this out on its own. But the actors do a fantastic job. the acting is superb. Not to mention that they each bring a sense of personality to the characters they represent.

I want to let this speak for itself so I will keep it short. However, I will include the links below to the film, and once your done with the film, to two links to help the next 2 get made. Do keep in mind that this is VERY VERY much an R Rated fan film. its gritty, and violent and holds no punches. Why so Serious?

The Film:


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