Xbox One: There’s a lot of things wrong

Today, I want to take a closer look at what’s been going on with the Xbox One. A lot of actions and reactions were made by Microsoft and the fanbase that deserves a second look.


I want you to go back to May 21st, 2013 and think about the debut of the Xbox One. We did not see the debut of a video game console. Microsoft was touting everything else but that feature. We learned Steven Spielberg will be producing a Halo series. We learned that the Xbox One can function as a cable box, becoming an all-in-one entertainment center. We learned the Xbox One has Skype and it can easily be used while the user is watching TV. We learned the Xbox One will be responding to our voice commands.  We also learned it plays sports games, thanks to Microsoft’s partnership with EA.

Their presentation was curious. The Xbox One is not a video game console that also can do a lot of neat stuff. Nope. The Xbox One is an entertainment center that happens to play video games. Though they didn’t play just “any” video games. The video games that they showed were ones that the mainstream audience would believe were cool: sports games.  Hell, Halo was only mentioned in the same breath as Spielberg, as if he would somehow legitimize that video game.

What we saw was the future of the video game industry if gamers aren’t careful. An industry that doesn’t cater to its core audience anymore. Taking that core audience for granted. They seem to assume that there will always be a certain amount of people who will tow the line for them regardless of what they do. You can’t tell me that you haven’t seen hints of all this already in the industry.

And this leads me to one of the most concerning things in modern gaming… something that I’m not sure why nobody considered…


David Fontenot started a petition to pressure Microsoft to going back to their DRM policy from E3. Microsoft’s been using this survey to justify their original vision, claiming that if people understood what they were trying to do, they wouldn’t be protesting so much. This made me wonder….. did Microsoft pay to bolster that petition? I know fanboys for the Playstation 4 have been signing the petition because they believe Microsoft going back to their DRM policy will destroy the company. I’m sure there are earnest Xbox fans who loved Microsoft’s idea with the DRM. But is it possible that Microsoft hired people to sign the petition to strengthen their case?

Yes, it is possible. And that’s the problem. Companies do stuff like this all the time. Video game companies spend money to purchase good reviews. They hire people to write up reviews on Amazon and other sites to make their product look better. They actively attempt to deceive the audience in order to sell their own product. It hit a point to where we honestly cannot look at something positive about a product without wondering to ourselves about its legitimacy.

fanboy-anatomyFanboys are horrible people. Absolutely horrible people. They blindly support products and attack others for daring to disagree with them. Yes, this has been happening for as long as people have been fans of anything. Chicago Cubs fans aren’t happy unless the Chicago White Sox loses. New York Yankee fans aren’t happy. Green Bay Packer fans aren’t truly happy until they see the Bears crumble during another season. There’s just something about being a fan for something that makes us fans against something as well.

This is readily apparent in that petition for Microsoft to bring back the DRM. Sony fanboys want to see the Xbox One get crushed. It’s not enough for them to like their console. They want to see Sony’s competition get destroyed.

Do I think Microsoft was wrong with their DRM policies? Yes. Do I feel they have done a lot of really stupid things and seem to have gone out of their way to shoot themselves in the foot? Hell yes. Do I want them to fail? No.

Fanboys are missing the point. Especially video game fanboys. They are so passionate about their product that they are doing the company’s job for them by trying to attack the competition. They are no longer sitting back and being fans of the product but trying to attack on behalf of the product. That’s not being a fan. That’s being a jerk.

odd_xbox_one_meme_2As we move closer to the release date of the Xbox One and move further away, I think it is important for us to revisit these older topics to see what we can learn from them. Like, I never realized how much I distrust the video game industry as a whole until I looked at the petition to bring back the DRM. Or that the video game industry seems to be taking their core audience for granted more and more.

Just sharing my opinion. Thanks for reading.




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