Video Game News: 7/20/2013


This is your video game news highlights for 7/20/2013.

  1. Fox Digital Entertainment and QMx Interactive Inc. announced the creation of a Firefly MMO. It will debut on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in the summer of 2014.
  2. The Nintendo 3DS continues to be the best selling console system in the world. The 3DS has been the best selling console in the U.S. for two months straight!
  3. The NCAA announced on 7/17/2013 that they will not renew their contract with EA Sports. EA Sports will continue to make college football games thanks to an agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Company. It is believed the NCAA made this move because of the ongoing lawsuits filed against it from former players.
  4. Video games sales have fallen 15% in June when compared to sales figures from last year. Hardware sales fell by 30%. Software sales fell by 10%.

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