Music in Games/Movies: A Personal Top 5

Music can add or take away from any experience we are having, especially when it comes to an intense game, or movie.

Something that I always look for when I am playing a new/old video game, or watching a movie is the score. Can I find the tell-tale themes for the movie/game? Does it give me chills? Or does it make me want to rip of my ears? In this blog I want to touch on my Five Favorite Games or Movies score wise. I know it sounds cliche but I really do feel that the score of a game/movie brings out even more of what the story is trying to tell us sometimes.

And now for a cheesy count down…..

5) Battlestar Galactica (2003): This TV show had a more military style of music. A lot of pieces, for instance “Prelude to war” feel like a march, and/or feels like your getting ready for something huge. At other times, while still using a military feel, its a more touching piece, that really brings in the emotions of the scene/episode.  This show also made good use of an electric guitar. Besides the fact that they do a really catchy cover of “All Along the Watch Tower”, they use that “theme” really decently though the whole rest of these series.

4) Princess Mononoke: This movie’s score took you back to ancient Japan, while at the same time making you really get you emotionally tied into the movie. At some times, the flow of the music carries with you as a softer scene starts, but then, completely gets you tense and into a chase or fight scene. The music helps the movie carry is message and also help the audience tie into the movie.

3) The Elder Scrolls- Skyrim: This games score is chilling to the core, and beautiful at the same time. The main theme “Dragonborn.” Is absolutely breath taking. It helps put the player INTO the game, and probably also caused the player to let the main menu screen stay at the main menu for a few minutes to listen to the whole piece.  But, also with pieces such as “From Past to Present” and “Sovengarde” it proves that yet another aspect of this game is absolutely stunning.

2) Mass Effect 2: Ending for the third game aside, Mass Effect as a series has had beautiful music. However, I think my favorette is Mass Effect 2. And why? Two Words: “Suicide Mission”. This one track, as such amazing blending of drums, orcastra and vocals and creates an absolutely stunning peice of music that it takes the player, puts them in Shepard’s shoes and makes you feel like you are there. This and also the peice of “Normandy Reborn.” Really add to the game. It gives you the proper chills, the emotions as you see your new ship, or you give your final speech for a one way trip (or so you think)

But what on earth could be, in my humble opinion, number one? Valar only knows….

1) Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings: I am combining these into one, epic film. I cannot choose between just one film for the top category due to the fantasy score that Howard Shore created for the trilogy first, and now for the Hobbit Films. And excellent use of drums, espeically when entering the Mines of Moria. To a chilling orchestra piece when running the plains of Rohan. And finally, to stunning vocals as our Hero succumbs to the Ring. The score has it all. All the emotion, everything.

As I said before, yes a cheesy top 5. But I wanted to hopefully show why I think music, or score, for a movie/game is important.

Cheers All!


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