Fallout: New Vegas Review

When I first played Fallout 3, I always wondered what was going on in other parts of the US, not just the Capital Wasteland.

Then: Fallout: New Vegas. 3 years after Fallout 3, it takes place in Nevada mostly but gives you a good sense of what happened to the western states. Living in the West, it is interesting to see exactly what happened. And with a little sense of humor as the Great war left Vegas intact for the most part.

Soooo now on to a review:

Game play: Smooth. Not as good as the controls and such for Fallout 3 were, but it was good. While it had the majority of Fallout 3’s game play being carried over. There was a few new things added  that I think were not necessary unless one wanted to play Hardcore Mode, which I will touch on in a second here. Survival Skill. How much HP added when eating food/drinking water etc. While that is really interesting, when first playing the game, I didn’t want to worry about that AND my medicine skill to keep my character alive. Also, adding in the Medical Histories at the beginning of the game. While that makes it more of a real role play, I didn’t like it. And you could skate out of it by selecting skills that don’t effect your character. Otherwise, the controls were refined and felt great on my Xbox. I like how they added specialized ammo, like armor piecing, etc. I love what they kept as well: the Mysterious Stranger Perk, the VATS system. Also, raising the level cap to 50? YAY!

Hardcore Mode: This mode is the scary, do I really wanna push that button mode. Well, I did for one character. Oh. Dear. God. It is hard. You have to watch hunger and dehydration meters. Or… you die. Stimpacks don’t heal limbs. Only Doctor Bags or Doctors. Wounds heal over time not right away. Needless to say, THIS MODE IS A HARD ONE. Take role-playing to an EXTREME on this one.

Story Line: I loved Fallout 3’s storyline. Do not get me wrong. I really, really, really liked it. But New Vegas… I liked even more. And what I mean by storyline is every quest, every DLC, everything. New Vegas has some fantastic writing to it. The only, and ONLY quest that I felt dragged on and on and ON was the DLC Old World Blues. It was funny at first. Kinda like the Alien DLC from Fallout 3. Okay, robots took brain. And spine. And heart. And they talk to each other.  Okay funny. I won’t lie. But it felt like it went on FOREVER. I was bored .I rushed through it to get it over with. But on the flip side of that poker chip, we have Honest Hearts DLC which was REALLY interesting, not some many quests and dialogue that it felt like it dragged. It was really well done. And the main quest? Well I won’t go into details there… but just remind. War….war never changes

Music: As with anytime that I do a review, the music to a video game is very important to me. It can either add or take away an experience. the music to New Vegas? It was good. It was Fallout music, so it wasn’t like I was expecting a huge score that i would from a game like Dragon Age or Mass Effect, however, the Radio Music was what I really paid attention to. And I will say: I liked Fallout 3’s better. They still kept to the classic music, but it wasn’t as catchy or as fitting as Fallout 3’s were.

The Mojave Wasteland: Such a BIG difference from the Capitol wasteland. In fallout 3, there was a lot of greys and some greens. here, its tan, tan, little green, tan tan tan tan tab. But in a good way. its not like the tan is bad, instead they did a FANTASTIC job with the graphics and colors. It makes you FEEL like your in a desert. Not just going okay ,my character is here. No, it looks fantastic. One thing I especially wanted to comment on was, at night. Especially during Honest Hearts, the night sky is absolutely gorgeous. It feels like your outside looking into a night sky.

All in All, New Vegas was a welcome “sequel” to Fallout 3. It was interesting, and the storyline was way better. Although I didn’t like some of the new game play options, I would give New Vegas a 8.5/10.


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