Interview Series: Realize Gaming

The idea behind the facebook page Realize Gaming interested me. It was created to celebrate the idea that video games are art. So as part of the ongoing interview series, I reached out to the administrators of Realize Gaming and asking them questions about their wonderful page. I am grateful they answered me.

They are an incredibly busy page. Not only do they update almost daily to their 1,249 fans, they also run a twitter page, tumblr page, and their own homepage. Before we get into the interview, I think a touch more background information would be useful to understand the page better. Realize Gaming definitely expanded since it was founded on 12/17/2012 becoming a vibrant community of gamers celebrating playing video games.

I want to extend my personal thanks to Eddie, the founder of the page for answering my questions. I know you’re a very busy man and your time is very valuable. I wish nothing but success for your page and your goals!


Press Start To Begin: What led you to start the page Realize Gaming?

Realize Gaming: What actually lead me to create the page was something that happened in the immediate aftermath of the tragic Sandy Hook shootings. I witnessed the blind, ignorance of some individuals who had come to abuse BioWare’s ‘Mass Effect’ Facebook page for influencing the actions of the shooting.

Obviously, this was not something I hadn’t seen before. Films, books, any media really have been used as a scapegoat in the past. It was the personal attachment to the series which created the offence.

Press Start To Begin: What are you goals for the page?

Realize Gaming: Short term goals for the page are to simply build a following and spread our common belief, that Games are indeed art & not brainless shooting simulators. Long term goals include defining Realize Gaming as a unique community that recognizes this, while expanding into the field of critique, reviewing and other fun content that gamers enjoy from their favourite gaming websites.


Press Start To Begin: Why do you feel video games are art?

Realize Gaming: As a student of art, I believe anything that is created from someone’s imagination in order to provoke emotion is essentially art. The fact that video games are indeed, at their essence, games does not subtract from this fact. There is such a thing as interactive art, video games in my opinion fall under this category or art. It’s basically a form of art that involves the spectator in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose.

Press Start To Begin: What video games do you feel are art? Why?

Realize Gaming: I believe all games are art. Not all are what one would consider good art. In fact, great art as video games are a rarity – but they certainly exist. Examples of two recent enough games from the top of my head would be Heavy Rain & Journey. Both began as a creative idea, both were sculpted by concept art and eventually crafted into a form of digital media by developers.

Press Start To Begin: How long have you been playing video games for?

Realize Gaming: There are a few of us here at Realize who run the show! But I myself, interestingly enough have only been playing game (religiously) for about five-six years. I played the expected amount when I was a young child but only in recent years have I grown to love and appreciate them as something more than simple games.


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