Surviving State of Decay: Helpful Tips for New Players (Part 2)


Still having trouble making through the world of State of Decay?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Here are some more helpful tips that could very well save your life in the war against the undead!

There's no such thing as too many outposts.

There’s no such thing as too many outposts.

Clubhouse Warfare

Outposts can be a major life-saver if they are set up correctly. They are used to store supplies and to resupply without having to travel all the way back to base camp. They are also considered a “safe-zone” from zombies as they will not spawn within the established radius. Should a horde enters within the perimeter, traps will be set off resulting in a fiery death of all zombies. It takes about a minute for the traps to be reset. Outposts are generally set up to be restocked with certain resource. For example, after fully searching a location and you happen to find it to have a medium stash of food or ammo, the house will then known as a cache of said item, offering additional resources every day. Once an Outpost has been set, a Supply Locker will spawn.

The number of outposts you set up, however, will depend on the number of people you have at base camp. This is because each survivor helps to maintain the outpost, making runs and delivering the goods to be picked up later. The larger your base is, the more outposts you can have. Also, the more outposts you have, the increased chance of your survivors coming home in one piece.

You can dismantle an outpost too should you have no more need for it.

Best advice: Established a couple of outposts near or around base camp, covering all streets that surround it. This will prevent any worries of incoming hordes or zombie wandering into your home. This will be especially beneficial in conserving ammo.  Having outposts nearby will also make it easier in restocking your camp. Also consider spreading out what your outpost to restock. Have a outpost that offers specifically first-aid, another for ammo, another for food and so on.

God, I hate you...

God, I hate you…

Dealing with the Special Infected


I feel like I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t talk about the special infected in State of Decay. You’ll come across them quite frequently while playing, and none will give you more trouble than that fat slob seen in the picture above.

Meet the Big Un. Of better known as the Big Ol Bastard  or The Juggernaut.

This lumbering shack of sh*t certainly lives up to his name. This type of zombie has a massive amount of health and can deal a lot of damage or result in a gruesome death if you’re not careful. The Big Un is capable of attracting hordes of zombies and destroying barriers with a powerful charge attack. If he happens to grab hold of you, well, it’s game over man. Big Un’s will rip the survivor in half and will proceed to snack on their inners.


Of course, you could always try the logic approach and hop into the nearest pick-up truck and mow his fat ass down. Unfortunately these suckers are built to last and the end result will most likely be…well…

This.  Ford backwards spells Driver Returns on Foot.

Ford backwards means Driver Returns on Foot.

Again, don’t expect to get much results by slamming on the gas and driving head first into a Big Un. Take it from me. You’ll only end up blowing out all your tires and you’ll have to drive back home in shame.

Best advice: I found it’s mostly trail-and-error when it comes to dealing with the Big Ol Bastards. Heck, after sacrificing at least three trucks and a pizza wagon,  I was able to take out one with a crowbar to the head. The most effective way to kill them is wait until they perform their charge attack while standing behind something sturdy. The attack will exhaust them and a well timed shot to the head will take them out.

Hey there Sexy!

Hey there Sexy!

This handsome devil is known as a Bloater or Rotten.

As you can probably guess, the Bloater is a walking gas bag that spews toxic gas everywhere that will do tons of damage to your health and stamina.  You’ll hear him walking around making gurgling noises and can be pretty fast if it happens to see you. Although the weakest out of all the special infected, running this sucker over with a car would be a bad idea. His gas and slime with coat your vehicle, causing you damage and stamina until you exit your car.

Best advice: Should you spot a Bloater, take him out from a distance. A single shot will do the trick.

Jacob Black has seen better days...

Jacob Black has seen better days…

The Feral is the perhaps the most dangerous zombie you’ll meet, second only to the Big Un.

It is faster and quicker than any zombie, running on all fours like an animal. It attacks with quick slashes and leap to take down any survivors and pinning them to the ground just he could take a good chuck out ya’. Because of their speed, it’s hard to spot them right away until it’s too late.

Best advice: It’s not a good idea to take the Feral on in tight spaces. Best to draw them out into the open and kill them with a vehicle. It’s certain that the creature will probably be able to dodge but you can nail the sucker easily the second swipe around.

Need a hand there buddy?

Need a hand there buddy?

And finally, meet The Screamer.

Just like the Bloater, the name is pretty much self-explanatory. This special infected can’t bite or grab you, but man, can this shocker wail! You’ll across him usually wandering aimlessly with a couple of zombies trailing behind him. But most likely, you usually find Screamers occupying a house. It’s screams are something of a magnet for hordes, drawing a whole group of undead to its location. Whenever a Screamers takes up residence in a house (and if not dealt with quickly), the house will be marked as an infestation, making it unsafe to pass.

Screamers one defense is, as I said, its screams. Getting close to it will trigger it to wail at the top of its’ lungs, signalling more zombies to come in and help. The screams can do a fair amount of danger to your health and can leave you open to attacks while you recover from it.

Best advice: Blunt weapon attack would best since a screamer can’t very well defend itself. Cars work just as good.


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