Video Game News: 7/7/2013


Video Game News for 7/7/2013

  1. Club Nintendo accounts were hacked between June 9th and July 4th, 2013. Approximately 23,000 Club Nintendo accounts were compromised in the attack. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your location, this only affects Japanese account holders. Nintendo recommended their members change their passwords to make sure the accounts were secure.
  2.  Undead Labs announced they will not add a co-op multiplayer to their hit game State of Decay. They are working with Microsoft, looking into DLCs and sequels to the game. Based on this, it seems that State of Decay will remain being an exclusive for the Xbox for the immediate future.
  3. A UK study found the average video game player is a married 35 year old. They earn around 23,000 pounds a year and play for around 12 hours and 32 minutes a week. This stands in stark contrast with the commonly held belief that gamers are all teenagers, lazy, and/or poor.
  4. A reason for the lack of Nintendo games (such as Zelda and Mario) for the Wii U has emerged. Shigeru Miyamoto explained that development for HD games on the Wii U was difficult. Nintendo underestimated the difficulty and software development is taking more time than anticipated.
  5. A study in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine found children who play video games spent roughly 30% less time reading and 34% time doing homework. Parents should keep this in mind with their children and closely monitor their children’s video game habits.

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