The Lone Ranger: Review

Its 4th of July, as always we go to see a movie. Looking at what was out, we were torn between World War Z (Which we had heard was great) of the Lone Ranger (Which had come out the day before.)

I hadn’t heard anything previously on The Lone Ranger but the trailers and being a fan of Johnny Depp’s acting  Iwas interested. After getting popcorn and sitting down we watched some previews and then the room went dark and the movie began.

And let me tell you what a pleasant surprise this movie was! This was great! It was funny when it needed to be funny. And serious when it needed to be serious. It incorporated a lot of Johnny Depp’s sytle of acting, and allowed for the actor who played the Lone Ranger to shine as well.

However, nothing is ever perfect. Ever. Sadly enough. There was two things a I noticed that “took away” from the movie. Although not that much, seeing as I really enjoyed this movie. **Spoiler Warning Starting** First being a scene that I felt was not really necessary. At one part of the movie, Tonto and the Lone Ranger are following a horse. I figured to get back to the opposing camp. However, then, the horse dies. I felt this wasn’t needed and didn’t add to the story. It added a bit of humor (That I didn’t find all that funny) and a bit of dialog that didn’t add or take anything away from the characters **Spoiler Warning Ended** Second my only other complaint was at some points (Only a few scenes) Depp was acting like Jack Sparrow a bit, more silent, but definitely more Jack Sparrow.

Don’t get me wrong. He was a GREAT Tonto and Depp himself is now a part of the camanchi tribe because of this movie.

What I also enjoyed about this movie was how accurate I felt ti was to the times. It didn’t hold back the truth. How the Wild West was a bit. This made it a VERY strong PG-13 movie, but I was glad it didn’t hold the punches on things. It portrayed certain groups as how they were (of course with a little bias but what isn’t bias in the world?)
Finally what was great about this movie? The music. Hans Zimmer did it AGAIN. He Incorporated a very familiar tune into original score that made it a musical masterpiece. It really added the emotions to the movie, and definitely helped add the element needed.

All in all? This movie was an 8.5/10. Very worth watching/buying when it comes out.


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