Video Game News: 7/3/2013


Many interesting things have been happening in the video game world!

  1. Don Mattrick’s departure from Microsoft has to be the biggest story right now. As you already know, Mattrick left his position as President of the Interactive Entertainment Business for Microsoft to become CEO of Zynga. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mattrick’s earnings will be tied to the success of Zynga. 95% of his compensation will be through stock.
  2. Microsoft appointed CEO Steve Ballmer has taken over Mattrick’s old position until someone else can be appointed.
  3. As it turns out, this also impacts EA’s search for CEO. Don Mattrick was the front-runner for John Riccitiello’s old position.

It’s amazing how far the ripples of Mattrick’s decision reached! But it’s not like this is the only thing that’s going on in the video game world.

  1. Final Fantasy XIV Beta finally hit over one million registrations!
  2. Ubisoft’s online systems suffered an attack recently. They discovered unauthorized access for their systems which compromised personal information for their clients. They recommend their clients change their passwords and personal information.
  3. Research shows using video games in therapeutic exercises help the recovery process with stroke victims. (Source:

And finally, on the lighter side of the news…..

  1. Goichi Suda’s (Suda51) said he was not that concerned about alienating female gamers by the gigolo mode in his game ‘Killer is Dead.’

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