Preview: Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies

Wait… there’s a new Phoenix Wright game?


A… new one? Is today Christmas? Did the video game gods finally hear my prayers to make a new game? Hold on… I need to check in with Super Kami Guru on this. Gotta make sure…

Hey Super Kami Guru. Is this real? Is there a new Ace Attorney game?

SuperKamiGuruUhh….Yes Super Kami Guru. I’ll get right on that right after I finish typing this up.

That’s what omniscience gets us these days? Sheesh…

Anyways…We have a new Phoenix Wright game. Thank you Capcom. Thank you!  Happy days are here again. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to play it, you should. Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies is the next in a line of excellent DS games titled Ace Attorney. It’s a touch strange ‘Ace Attorney’ isn’t in the title, but that’s a minor concern. We have a new game!

I think you can pick up the older games used from GameStop fairly cheap, since it came out back in 2007.


Phoenix Wright. Dual Destinies.

Let’s take a look at this bad boy.

  • It has the same innovative way of questioning witnesses on the stand.
  • There’s a new trick for Phoenix to use to figure out if the witness is lying or withholding information.
  • We have a new voice actor for Phoenix. I wonder why?
  • Capcom added in a little bit more animation to the process, adding movement in the court room camera. I suspect this will take advantage of the 3D element of the 3DS.
  • Apollo Justice is in the game as well! Very cool with that. I liked him.

I wish the preview would have included more of what I love about Ace Attorney: investigating crime scenes and questioning witnesses. The game is more than just a court room. It’s about uncovering the truth about crimes. As a defense attorney, it’s up to you to keep your client out of jail. And nobody’s better than Phoenix Wright. In the first game, he had a client who pleaded guilty!!! And he still got a Not Guilty verdict at the end.

Yes, I'm that damn good

Yes, I’m that damn good

I had the chance to examine crime scenes, uncover clues, and solve mysteries. Every case is different enough to be challenging. If there’s any weakness in the series, it’s the replayability. Once you beat the game, you’ll know how to solve each puzzle. So if you have a chance to pick it up used, that might be a decent idea.

Check out the older games for yourself! You won’t regret it.


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