Injustice: Are the Gods Among Us?

Injustice: Gods Among Us had set a pretty high bar before release. Especially after releasing the opening cut scene before launch and showing off the darker atmosphere, gritty graphics and game play. Be warned, there be spoilers after this point…

Storyline: The story for Injustice was very, very, very well written. Although there is no Mark Hamil as the Joker, the new actor pulls of the voice quite well. Besides that, they introduce the two “timelines” very well, and have each character’s back story covered, and have a new twist to some characters and stories, I.E a certain caped crusaders son. It was nice to hear the voice casting of both the Batman, Harley Quinn and Superman from the old animated series, and to see how they imagined these characters. The design for the costumes was very nice and well thought out. Music wise, it added a dark superheroes edge to things and fit the mood of each area.

Game Play: Control wise, for some characters, was very stiff and took a long while for me to get into. Some characters was like riding a bike. Green Arrow was a breeze for me to just pick up and start using. Very user friendly and fit the quick pace of characters I look for in fighting games. While Superman was very hard for me to adjust to and took me several hours to get used to the controls. The Arcade Mode of the game was really neat, introducing “endings” for each character and expanding on each characters back story.

D.C. Universe Alt Version: I set this world aside for its own little paragraph because of how parallel difference it is to the one we know and love. It was quite interesting to see a world where Superman went “evil.” I liked watching the back ground seeing a huge statue of Superman, completely all over lord. I also enjoyed the Fortress of Solitude and LexCorp seeing how different they were in the “new world”.

DLC: Of course there is still DLC being released for this game. More importantly, I LOVE the inclusion of Bat Girl. I liked her controls as well, and to top that I enjoyed her “new world” story. Besides that, I liked the homage to Mortal Combat with there DLC character. Always good to give a nod to your roots.

Overall Opinion: Injustice was worth the money. The story line is re-playable and its a good fighting game. However, the controls take a massive amount of patience with some characters and that brings my overall score to a 7 ot 10.


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