Batman was lonely, needy, and weird in the beginning.

So I recently purchase some copies of older comic books and found some really, really strange things in early Batman Comics….

Papa Spank?

Read that in Christian Bale’s Batman voice

This wasn’t the only weird thing I saw. I mean… compared to the other stuff, this was actually reasonable…. kinda.

Batman doesn’t seem to have a problem breaking the law in order to capture the people who are breaking the law. For example, he stole two cars.. .wait… correction… he “borrowed” two cars in order to catch the bad guys. It’s okay though. Because the bad guys had to be caught. By a dude wearing a costume….. 

Why didn’t Batman call the police and let them deal with it? I hear the police have cars. Lots of them.

What else is Batman up to?

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Batman wasn’t very good at being Batman yet. He’s supposed to be the terror of the night, not… well… someone who doesn’t put in that much effort into his job. At least he wants the criminal element to be freshly shaven. Maybe it’ll let his punches connect smoother?

Though what’s next is far funnier to me. Batman is needy… very, very needy.

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At least it’s not as bad as what he did with Robin. Not kidding. Robin was a creep little kid in the beginning. Heh.. if you don’t believe me, just check out the following pictures for yourself.

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I’m going to continue going through the earlier Batman comics to see what other gems I can find. Looking through this stuff is freaking surreal. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as I did.

(note:  All images are owned by DC Comics)


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