Comparing Sales Figures: Xbox 360 versus PS3

Studying the weekly sales figures of the Xbox 360 versus the PS3 reveals something unexpected. The Playstation 3 has outsold the Xbox 360 for months now. Months! Sales figures were pulled from the website


Febuary 23rd

  • PS3 – 184,342
  • Xbox 360 – 141,741

March 2nd

  • PS3 – 186, 210
  • Xbox 360 – 126, 582

March 9th

  • PS3 – 166,209
  • Xbox 360 – 119,539

March 16th

  • PS3 – 159,646
  • Xbox 360 – 115,039

March 23rd

  • PS3 – 157,118
  • Xbox 360 – 106,565

March 30th

  • PS3 – 175,908
  • Xbox 360 – 126,817

April 6th

  • PS3 – 153,771
  • Xbox 360 – 115,838

April 13th

  • PS3 – 146,889
  • Xbox 360 – 100,965

April 20th

  • PS3 – 139,768
  • Xbox 360 – 96,128

April 27th

  • PS3 – 136,517
  • Xbox 360 – 88,275

May 4th

  • PS3 – 130,667
  • Xbox 360 – 80,825

May 11th

  • PS3 – 120,714
  • Xbox 360 – 77,868

May 18th

  • PS3 – 126,462
  • Xbox 360 – 84,576

May 25th

  • PS3 – 131,251
  • Xbox 360 – 83,634

June 1st

  • PS3 – 129,226
  • Xbox 360 – 80,991

June 8th

  • PS3 – 121,374
  • Xbox 360 – 79,277

June 15th

  • PS3 – 146,813
  • Xbox 360 – 79,854


The Xbox 360 dipped below 100,000 consoles for sale a week on April 20th and has been unable to get much higher than 80,000 since then. I’m surprised that the horrible debut of the Xbox One didn’t hurt their sales figures that badly. Seriously. The initial announcement occurred on May 21st. In that week, sales seemed to hit a fairly stable plateau of 80,000 a week. If the announcement would have hurt it, I would expect sales to plummet rather than stabilize like that.

Taking a look at the sales figures for the Xbox 360, sales of the system have fairly consistently fallen every week since the end of February. The figures are limited this way for the sake of brevity, as it is easy to put months of data up to show how the sales have fallen for quite some time. It could be there haven’t been enough games to attract people to the Xbox 360. Or maybe Microsoft’s marketing machine shifted away from the system to prepare for the Xbox One’s launch. It’s difficult to pinpoint any one reason or identify if any reason offers more explanation than any other one. No matter the reason, or reasons, it is clear the Xbox 360 sales are on a decline with no indication of recovery.

In comparison, sales for the Playstation 3 have remained relatively strong in comparison. Just like the Xbox 360, sales figures have consistently fallen for the PS3, but not at the extreme rate of their competitors. In fact, there are a few occasions where the sales increased. The week of E3 saw a jump in sales of about 20,000! It could mean that Sony’s success at E3 had a huge impact leading to more sales for their current console. It could hint that people are warming up to Sony or they won over fans. It could mean there were still great games being released which motivated more people to purchase consoles.

The figures strongly hints that there’s more trust in the Playstation name brand than in the Xbox name brand. More gamers are purchasing the system, plain and simple. It remains to be seen if this trend will continue or if this will definitely carry over into the next generation of consoles. As long as Sony can make a good showing as the 7th Generation Console War ends (The Nintendo Wii is the clear winner as it is closing in on 100 million in total sales), they can claim a very clear cut victory over their main competition.

Nicely done Sony.


2 comments on “Comparing Sales Figures: Xbox 360 versus PS3

  1. By the end of this generation of consoles the Xbox 360 is going to finish in 3rd and I’ve got to say that it hasn’t really felt that way. Too many Microsoft boys touting about how great the 360 is and how the PS3 can’t live up to it. 360 hit its maximum capability about a year or two a go and it shows. There is still potential in the PS3 and with releases like the Last of Us (which I’m sure affected the June 15th sales) it shows Sony are working it right till the start of the PS4 and probably beyond then (much like with the PS2) and we all know that Microsoft basically stopped producing for the Xbox as soon as the 360 came out so I’m sure they will do the same here. Just another reason that Sony are better to their consumers than Microsoft.

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