Fallout 3 Game Review

Fallout 3. Yes, sure this game has been around for a bit. But its still just as good as it was when it first came out. I will admit that I was a little late to get into this game, playing it for the first time on PS3 two years ago, and now again on 360 now.

And now for a review:

Gameplay/Story: I can defently say I enjoyed the story of this game, or on going story of the game. When the game starts out, it gives you a quick recap, but more importantly, the music: “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” by The Ink Spots is a fantastic lead in and especially when it pulls away and its actualyl a radio in a downed bus that is playing.

Then of course; Vault life 101. I liked the lead in, progression through ages, to get the player used to the game. The Pit Boy, using a weapon, all of that.

That and when you escape the Vault. The several choices you can make (Which can effect gameplay later) before you escape to that harsh waste land before you.

After that I won’t spoil- play the game! Lets just say its a freeroam as you can get, and you can explore and not really pay attention to the “main” story line at all. Unless you get bored, like I did, do a few quests for the main line then go back to randomly walking around and exploring.

One thing I will say was annoying is (While yes you can turn the difficulty) that its hard to get started. The eneimes are unexpectedly hard, especially for it being my first Bethsida game at the time. After you level up some and get used to the controls your right as radio active rain. But I will say: Level Up before you do anything.

Another thing I enjoyed about the Gameplay was the voice casting. Not to be a Liam Neeson fan(atic) but having him play the role of James was FANTASTIC. I didn’t know that going into playing the game the first time and it was quiet a pleasant surprise to hear his voice. But all the voice casting fits in the characters given and it was quiet fantastic. While discussing characters, I really liked Three Dog. Funny, and if you play your Karma right, your biggest fan.

Final note to touch on for this section of my review? The music. Seriously! LISTEN TO YOUR PIP BOY RADIO! Of course it does get annoying after a while, I will say. But listen to it, some of the music makes it easy to wander the Wasteland at some points.

The Capital Wasteland: This game gives you an expansive land to wander through. And I mean wander. It takes a long time to go from edge to edge of the map, and in doing so you may pick up at least 5 quests in doing do, if not, plenty of XP for doing so between enemies or discovering locations (To explore).

Another thing about the Wastes is as you level up, the enemies get harder. And I mean harder! What can be a simple Radscorpion one day, the next A freaking HUGE Albino Giant Radscorpion who, if you are not careful could insta-kill you! And don’t get me started on death claws! UGH.

But the wastes provide a vast amount of things to kill, from Raiders to Ghouls, to mutants! Its worth spending a couple of hours exploring, you may be surprised what you find!

DLC: Of course, this game has all of its DLC released. Broken Steel is a must have immediately. If raises the level cap, from 20 to 30. And adds some interesting story lines after the “ending” of the game. Another good DLC I found interesting? Not of this World. The Alien DLC. Yes I know, ALIENS. Before we all go WTF and facepalm trust me, this was FUN to play. Not really to be taken seriously. But its enjoyable none the less.

There are I believe 4 more DLCs for this game, all worth playing. Point Lookout is very good, but not for a low level character.

In Conclusion: I have lost full days to this game. I will look at my clock it will say 10am and the nthe next I know, 5pm rolls around. This game is worth buying/downloading if you can. There are still things I am discovering about this game. And needless to say more hours I will be putting into this game.

I would say the score would be a 9/10.

And now… for some music…. **wink**


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