Xbox One: Did Microsoft Redeem Itself?

So is it over? Did the gamers win? Did we get what we want?

Microsoft backed off of their DRM policy, promising to go back to the same policies they had with the Xbox 360. They removed all the limitations they originally placed on the video games. More so, they removed the always online requirement. There’s only one mandatory online “check in” during the initial system set up. That’s it!


I lost count of the number of blog postings, news articles, and opinion pieces on this. A lot of people declared victory this day because they got a lot of what they wanted. And to be honest, there’s a lot to be excited about. Gamers have been taken for granted for years now. Years. Every time gamers had a concern with a game or a practice from a game company, those gamers were called entitled whiners and criticized by fellow gamers, sometimes the video game media, and frequently dismissed by the game companies as cry babies.

It’s really nice to see a company look at gamers and decide to listen to them once it was clear this wasn’t going away. So thank you Microsoft for that.



What’s going on with the Kinect? Apparently when it is off, it will listen only for the command “Xbox On.” Microsoft assures us that even this feature can be turned off. So does this mean it will not listen in, or will it always be listening and not react to any commands? In other words… will the Kinect still be always watching and listening? Or is this a mischaracterization of what’s going on with it?

Why remove the backwards compatibility? Why do I have to keep my Xbox 360 hooked up to play my 360 games? What’s so bad about making the Xbox One backwards compatible? Is this a design problem?

Why do we still have to have a gold account to use Netflix?

Xbox One

Now what?

So did we win? Did we get what we want? I don’t know. Microsoft listened to some of the concerns of the customer but seemingly side-stepped other ones. You have to ask yourself… did Microsoft address all of your concerns? Is this enough for you?


3 comments on “Xbox One: Did Microsoft Redeem Itself?

  1. Honestly? I would say were getting there. For me, the backwards compatibility is something that yes, I can live without it, but it sure is annoying. Also… and i know this sounds bad/paranoid but I don’t still feel comfortable with the Kinect camera thing. Even if they say its off… I just… I don’t know.

    I can say I am more inclined to get an Xbox One however I am planning on PS4 first.

    Gonna blog about a certain game either tonight or tomorrow (Off tomorrow from work YAY!) as to why I am sticking with Playstation 4 (Even tho that title is gonna be on Xbox One as well)

  2. No. They still are nearly the epitome of crappy customer service, arrogance, and of course there is a small thing that no one seems to mention. They can still override the patch with future patches.

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